MAC Halloween Face Charts - Ace of Hearts

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  1. Block out the eyebrows with MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer.

  2. Sketch out the card shape around the eye…use an actual playing card to get the right shape and trace it with Fascinating Eye Kohl.
  3. Fill in the card with Luna Cream Colour Base and cover with White Frost Eye Shadow.

  4. Add card details with Blacktrack fluidline.

  5. Cover face with Studio Sculpt Foundation.

  6. Use Blacktrack Fluidline and Mystery Eye Shadow to create the ultimate smoky eye.

  7. Add lashes to top and bottom of eye with Duo Adhesive.

  8. Using Lasting Lust Pro Long Wear create a heart shape on the lips!

Studio Moisture Fix
Prep+Prime Skin
Studio Sculpt Foundation
Studio Sculpt Concealer
Blot Powder/Pressed - Medium DarkPowder
Blush - Dolly Mix, Desert Rose

Studio Finish Concealer
Fluidline - Blacktrack
Eye Shadow - Carbon, Soft Brown, Mystery, Bamboo, White Frost, Passionate
Eye Kohl - Fascinating
Cream Colour Base - Luna
Penultimate Liner - Rapid black
Cremestick Liner - Red Enriched
Zoomlash - Zoomblack
Fibre Rich - All Black

Lip Erase - Pale (PRO)
Cremestick Liner - Red Enriched
PRO Longwear Lip Colour - Lasting Lust
Dazzleglass - Extra Amps


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  1. I think i would look really weird in this look. BUT since its for halloween, it'll be great! Haha...thanks for sharing.


  2. wow, it will become a real poker face =D!

  3. Hi Charming Vanity,

    My understanding of Halloween is that it should be weird. If you do try this, please send me a pic, would love to see the result.


  4. Hi Pixie D,

    Haha, I see what you did there. P-p-p-poker face.


  5. ohh sounds awesome! I wish I saw a pic!

  6. That one looks really nice ^__^ It made me remember the Knave of Hearts of Alice in Wonderland, but then I went to search for his photo and saw that he actually used a black heart "eyepatch" on the left eye, not makeup X__x So now I'm trying to remember where I saw someone using a makeup just like this face chart *lol*

  7. Hi ToestheTwinkle,

    I can't find one! I don't suppose you'd be willing to try it out for me would you?


  8. Hi Karina,

    I know! That's been bugging me too, it's very Lady Gaga-esque, but that's not it either. If you do remember - let me know!