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I have heard that MAC aren't planning to release any of their Halloween face charts this year, but I will keep a lookout, just in case. I have, however managed to track down some of last years and the how-to instructions. I'll try post them all over the next couple of days. So if you need some Halloween inspiration, maybe these will help. We don't do Halloween over here in Australia, so I am afraid I am going to be completely useless to you all. The products listed are obviously all MAC, but a quick google of the product name and "dupe" should give you a list of substitutes. If anyone does attempt any of these, please send me thought a photo. I would love to see how it looks on!

(**EDIT - I found a pic. The reason I was having trouble finding one is because MAC doesn't refer to this as a zombie, but as MeisterFreeze. Found the picture here. Creepy isn't it?)

Here's the first one - Zombie

  1. Hydrate and prepare skin with Prep + Prime Skin and a light layer of Studio Moisture Fix.
  2. Use Brush #190 to apply Painterly Paint Pot over the entire face, stippling more coverage over the high planes for a prominent highlight.

  3. Use Brush #109 to buff Fluidline in Waveline over the contours of the face, creating a blended ombre between Painterly and the indigo shade of Waveline for an airbrushed effect.

  4. Create deeper contours along the temples, nose, eyes, cheek, and chin by applying Carbon Eye Shadow with Brush #217.

  5. Use Brush #208 with Blacktrack Fluidline to line the eyes and create the deep wrinkles above the brow, around eyes, under cheekbone, and chin.

  6. Create dotted texture on the skin and details of eyebrow with Rapidblack Penultimate Liner.

  7. Finish the eyes by applying Lash #8 on the upper lashes and Lash #4 on the lower lashline, following with one to two coats of Zoomblack Zoomlash Mascara.

  8. For the lip, use Brushes #209 and #311 to apply smudges of M.A.C Red Lipstick blended with Clear Lipglass over the mouth into the distorted smears of blood.



Paint Pot - Painterly
Fluidline - Waveline
Prep+Prime SkinStudio Moisture Fix
Penultimate Liner - Rapid Black

Zoomlash - Zoomblack
Eye Shadow - Carbon
Fluidline - Waveline, Blacktrack
PaintPot - Painterly

Lipstick - M·A·C Redd
Lipglass - Clear


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  1. this is sick! I still wish I saw a human face though instead of the picture

  2. I love MAC Hallowe'en Face Charts! It's a pity they're not going to release any this year...

  3. Hiya Toesthatwinkle,

    I completely agree, I am seaching for pictures of people who have done these looks as I type. Will update previous posts if and when I find them.


  4. Hi Becky,

    Me too. I am totally sad, but I am doing my best to get as many cool ones up as I can find.


  5. Alright, now that there's a photo of someone wearing it I must say: I got really scared! O__O If there was halloween in here and someone came up asking "trick or treat?" wearing it I think I'd just throw the sweets in their face and run away screaming *lol* It looks so real!

  6. Hey, thats actually me who did MeisterFreeze haha I googled for more face charts and was surprised to see that my face came up in the search. Thanks for posting ;)

  7. Hi Antonio,

    Awesome! You are fabulously talented. I think that if someone came up to me looking like that I would proably pee myself, so good job!


  8. If you want to see more of my work, my name is linked to my Facebook page :)