In short, yes. It really is.

I know that we all want the new Urban Decay palette, but who can justify the price tag these days? We have bills to pay, groceries to buy and hey look! The site from China has the EXACT same pallet for $10. Bargain!
Hahaha nice try guys...
But is it? What’s the real difference between a real UD Naked palette and the cheap one on Ebay? Well, the main difference is quality. Some may be straight up rubbish with minimal colour pay off, but we have seen those “amazing” dupes people find that are insanely pigmented, so they are ok right? Sorry, nope.

When I say quality, what I actually mean is quality of the manufacturer. UD and all other “proper” brands face really strict rules and regulations imposed by each government in each country they distribute in. This covers using ingredients that are deemed safe to be used on the skin, being created in environments that are sanitary and after jumping through all those hoops, once they have finalised the product itself, they then have to have the batches of product tested again. This is why you know when you buy an authentic brand that you can trust it won’t give you an eye infection, that it won’t lead to blindness, that it won’t cause so many of the issues you can face when buying fakes.

Still shaking your head thinking, “Yeah, yeah, whatever you reckon. It’s not that bad – I’VE never had a problem with anything I’ve purchased.” Then consider yourself lucky. Every time you purchased from these factories pumping out “duplicate” palettes you’ve played roulette with your health. Go right ahead and google what has happened to people who haven’t been as lucky. No really, go now. I’ll wait.

Yep. Pretty gruesome stuff hey? Is it really worth the gamble? Would you pick up a lipstick from a trashcan and put it straight on your lips? Didn’t think so. And why? Because you don’t know where it came from and who has been touching it? BINGO! The moral of the story here is just don’t. Don’t play with your health, don’t risk your eyesight and don’t feel like you are a lesser person because you can’t afford the real palette right now. There are plenty of other options on the market that won’t give you pinkeye.

And while we are at it, let’s talk more about the conditions that they make these duplicate palettes in and what you’re actually getting for your bargain price. Well, when you expect more bang for your buck, did you mean 46 times the permitted level of copper in a fake MAC eyeliner? Just think about that for a second – it’s going near your eyeball. Your eyeball! The Daily Mail in the UK purchased 10 items of designer makeup online. 8 of them were found to be fake and when they had it tested using the same methods that cosmetic companies normally need to have their products tested through in order to have it deemed safe, it was found to contain ingredients including lead, copper, mercury, arsenic and cadmium (which is extremely dangerous!).

Dermatologists are reporting a rise in skin conditions triggered from using these fake products, anything from acne to swelling to psoriasis.

Don’t even get me started on the unsanitary conditions these products are made in. Many tests have shown the human urine and rat droppings are common ingredients for these fakes. Let that sink in. The least harmful thing in these cheap products is someone’s wee and rat poo. And quality control? What quality control! The colours are rarely exact, the pigmentation rarely passable and honestly, you’re much better off just buying what’s in your price range from a reputable store.

These products are also often made by criminal gangs, with your money supporting what they do, so that’s something else to think about.

I know that many people only care about the price, but please do consider your health, consider the implications of what you are doing. Just think before you buy, ok? And if you are a professional makeup artist who does this (and I know you're out there!)? You should be so ashamed of yourself - you're not just putting yourself at risk but your clients who have absolutely no idea that you're putting that stuff on them. It's not on. And you should never call yourself a pro - you're a disgrace.

Now, I bet some of you have agreed with what I’ve written but are still thinking that buying fake brushes etc are totally fine because you can clean them. How bad can it be? Stay tuned, because I’ll tell you in the next post. 
I know you guys love a good dupe, and with the US dollar as high as it is, we Aussies are feeling the pinch when it comes to buying our favourite products!

I love my Velvetines. Lime Crime scandal (after scandal, after scandal) aside, they were the first to create a product that I love and and I am genuinely heart broken when I either run out, or lose one while I'm on set.

So I've done a bit of research (ok, ok, I've done some shopping, sheesh) and I've found a product that I think is easily comparable. And the best bit? They are $14.95 (cheaper if you have access to pro discount)!!!! So you can get heaps, or all. There's no judgement here. I'm getting them all. No one can stop me!

L-R: Choco Lover, Blood, Berry Awesome, Spicy Orange, Pandora Violet, Vamp Purple 
L-R: Vital Red, X Red, Paper Moon, Sunset Orange, Tomato, Fusia Fusion, Pastel Fushia, Pale Pink (Sorry this swatch is a little blurry - it was the best of a blurry bunch)
Pigmentation is top shelf and these dry completely. The best example of this is the top swatch. I applied these and took the photo about 10 seconds later. This is one single swipe of product too, believe it or not. One thing I can assure you of is their pigmentation and staying power. When I tried to wipe the batch with Pandora Violet and Vamp Purple off, I used an oil based remover and still had an arm the looked like it belonged to Barney the Purple Dinosaur for two days. So it is safe to say that they are an excellent lip stain.

I've found a few others in my "research" that didn't entirely dry, which means they can transfer, start travelling to other parts of your face without your realising... Anyway, it's bad. Trust me on that. 

The colours are great, very rich and creamy. And as an added bonus, not as drying as the LC ones, which makes me a happy camper.

So what are you waiting for? Run! Don't walk! You need these. All of them. And you can get them here - Makeup and Glow

In case you're wondering, nope, not a sponsored post - I honestly just love them! 

Lets get ready to ruuuuuuuuuuuumble!!!!!

Today we are going to see the greatest showdown in history* when we put the most popular beauty sponges on the market to the test. *Well, in the history of makeup blending sponges!

How will they stack up? Who will win? Only time will tell.

Lets meet the competitors:

In the pink corner weighing in at 0.2oz, we have the original sponge powerhouse - the Beauty Blender!

In the orange corner, at a slightly portlier 0.3oz, the sneaky up and comer - the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge!

In the purple corner, qualifying for an unknown weight category, the quiet achiever - the Beauty Pod!

And in another pink corner also weighing in at 0.3oz, the new kid on the block - the Crown Brush Flawless Face Blender!

L-R - Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge, Original Beauty Blender, New Beauty Blender, Beauty Pod and the Flawless Face Blender
Texture of sponges top to bottom: Flawless Face Blender, Beauty Pod, RT Miracle Complexion Sponge, "new" Beauty Blender, "original" Beauty Blender.

And now, for a breakdown of their vital stats, along with the strengths and weaknesses:

The Beauty Blender

The "new" BB (Black) (around 1 year old) and the "original" (pink) (around 4 years old)
Price - $27-$30AUD each
Texture - This one really seems to depend on which batch you get. Original pink BBs that were purchased about 4 years ago have a fantastic smooth texture that means even application, the outstanding ability to use them either damp or dry depending on the finish you are after, or product you are using. They didn't suck up any product and were my go-to tool in my kit for application and blending of any cream or liquid product. My newer black BBs I got about a year ago are extremely porous and that shows in the application. I rarely reach for these and that is a real disappointment considering what this product is actually capable of.
The original BB. I love this one, it is fragile, as witnessed by the rips and tears due to use, but I love it. 
Durability - I still have my first couple of pink Beauty Blenders which are perfectly intact except where my talons of nails have punctured them accidentally while working! And then I have 3 black blenders that seem to disintegrate as they age. I've had these ones for about a year and they are not used nearly as often as my original pink ones. Another major problem with the newer ones that are seemingly made from inferior products is that the pointed tip often rips off, and when you're paying $30 for a sponge, that is never acceptable.

New BB's. Both from the same 6 sponge multipack, believe it or not.
Strengths - When you are using the ORIGINAL BBs, they can do no wrong. Multi use product, absolutely worth the outlay. Easy to clean between clients (although I usually have one for each person in my kit for each job).
Weaknesses - New formula is kaka. I am so disappointed that they changed their materials for whatever reason. The new ones suck up expensive product when the whole premise of the BB is that they aren't supposed to do that. The application is inferior, they fall apart, rip or in the case of mine, disintegrate leaving tiny spots of black sponge everywhere. I honestly thought when I first got my black ones that I'd accidentally purchased a fake. But no, I hadn't. I purchased from a reputable supplier and that was actually how they come now.
I've lightened this picture so you can see just how different the texture is from the original BB to this one, and how much the product has been damaged from semi regular use. As you can see, the base of it has disintegrated in sections.
Overall verdict: It truly does come down to the batch you get with these. My original BB's I love like it's no one's business, but they just aren't made to the same standard anymore. Based on that, the fact that they've taken their business away from smaller businesses in Oz, and given a BB monopoly to a few stores only (which has caused a substantial price rise), and also that the changed material of the BB means it is now sucking up the very expensive foundations and liquid highlighters that they have always claimed to be the only sponge NOT to, I absolutely would not buy this product again, nor would I recommend them. *I should comment that BB denies any change in formula for their sponge, but putting two different batches next to each other makes it easy to see that someone is telling porkies.*

Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge

Price - $17AUD
Texture - Really, really close to the original BB.
Durability - I purchased four about two years ago, used them constantly on both clients, and myself, hand them out to family members. I haven't damaged one yet. No nail rips, no deterioration of the sponge.
Strengths - This is closest I've ever found to a dupe of the original BB, almost half the price, and I actually love the flat side with the edge this design has, because it allows me to get nice and close to the lash line without getting so close to the eye that my client starts flinching and freaking out.
Weaknesses - The orange does stain a wee bit with foundations, but the pink BB also does this, I guess it's just the curse of light coloured sponges. Also, and this is a personal gripe because I don't love orange - could it come in other colours? Pretty please?
Overall verdict: Winner. Hands down. End of story.

Beauty Pod

Price - $10-13AUD
Texture - This sponge seems to have a harder core than the first two, you can really feel resistance when you squeeze this one. The outside feels smooth though, similar to the original BB.
Durability - Good, I think the harder core means this one can take a bit of a beating. No signs of wear after extensive and rigorous use.
Strengths - I really like the shape of this one. I like that there is a pointed end for getting into corners, but I still have access to a flat side. It's easy to get a good grip on this sponge and it's nice to not have to be so careful about ripping it with my nails.
Weaknesses - The harder core means that this sponge is not as good to work with as the RT and BB. It's harder on the client's face and can be a little uncomfortable. It does withhold some liquid and using it damp seems to make no difference to using it dry, which is disappointment.  I also found it harder to get a smooth and even application of product and I had to go over it again with a buffing brush, so it defeated the purpose of using a sponge at all really.
Overall verdict: Great shape, but needs a bit more work on the material. I think it is great how durable it is, but it has sacrificed some of the things that make the BB and RT great to get that. I wouldn't use it on clients, nor on myself unfortunately. 

Crown Brush Flawless Face Blender

Price - $10AUD
Texture - A little more dense than the first two and slightly softer than the BP. Slightly more porous, more in line with the "newer" BB and the BP. I'm not a huge fan of this one in all honestly. I find the shape super awkward to work with. If I want flat surface, I have to hold it sideways and it's just not shaped well enough to get a decent grip so you can do that. I find I'm digging my nails into it and damaging the sponge just to try get a good grip. The density makes it harder on the clients face if you want to use it in a bouncing motion to get and even layer and finish, I don't think it's ideal for client work because it feels like you are being a bit rough with them.
Durability - It's strong which I guess comes with the density of it. Digging my nails into it has left indents, but not ripped into it, so that's good.
Strengths - Strong, will last a long time, relatively good with the amount of product that you lose to the sponge, but there is more used than the RT or BB.
Weaknesses - It's hard on the face, the shape is awkward and hard to hold to use it the way I want to.
Overall verdict: For a budget option it's fine, but probably more suited to personal use than on a client. 

So there you have it, they came, they saw, they blended. Some crumbled under the pressure, and some rose to the challenge magnificently. At the end of the day, there can only be one winner and that is the Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge. *The crowd goes wild*

Thank you and good night!
A little while ago, a friend of mine and extremely talented makeup artist Nikita Pere, wrote an article called "Is the makeup artist for my wedding ripping me off?". If you haven't read it, I highly recommend you do, whether you are planning your wedding, or know someone who is, it gives you a comprehensive look at what we do, and why we charge what we do.

I don't need to recap on what Nikita wrote, but I do want to take it a little further and extend on the point. Working within the bridal industry, it never ceases to amaze me that kind of money that people put into their wedding, which is fine and now totally normal - it's your day so go as big or as small as you like. What I notice the most is that these same brides are lacking perspective when it comes to what they should and shouldn't spend their money on.

Do you know how often I get asked to lower my prices because a client has spent a little too much on their dress, their shoes, dinner, their lolly buffet, etc? ALL THE TIME. And you know what? It's insulting. It's insulting to every single makeup artist, nail tech and hairdresser that you ask, right after you've finished telling us that you spent $10k on a wedding dress, $500 on a pair of shoes no one is even going to see under you dress, $3k on a lolly buffet that is there for decoration. Oh, and let's not forget your $15k honeymoon. I get it, you've spent heaps of money on your wedding, you might have gotten a little carried away. You'll complain that your photographer is costing you an arm and a leg, and you can't believe that someone could charge $100+ just for bridal makeup, because "It's just for one day!".

Let me tell you why we charge so much for your makeup for one day, and why you should pay it.  In addition to all of the things Nikita listed in her article -
  • Because we are the very best at what we do;
  • Because in the months leading up to your wedding, you, your bridesmaids and probably your mother will call and email me at all hours of the day to ask questions you could have Googled yourself. But I will smile and answer politely, because that is what we do;
  • Because on your wedding day, you're going to be stressed and so is everyone in your bridal party. Do you know who is normally on the receiving end of that? Makeup artists and hairdressers. 
And the most important reason that you shouldn't try to haggle us down?
  • Because long after your guests are gone, your lolly buffet has been eaten, your honeymoon is over and your expensive shoes that you kicked off as soon as you got to the reception because they hurt your feet are gathering dust in the corner, what you have left is your photos and your memories. 
We are there to make you look good, to make sure your makeup stays put all day through extreme heat and cold, tears and laughter, and anything else that may get thrown your way. We know exactly how to enhance your best features and make your makeup look natural and elegant, but still show up in photos and make you look flawless. We are the ones who cover the dark circles under your eyes because you haven't slept for a few days, the stress pimples that are breaking out, acne scarring, tattoos that you're not so proud of anymore. All of these things and so much more.

You can spend all the money in the world on a cake, venue and dress, but would you really show up without makeup on or worse, in makeup that you will look back and hate? Because sometimes when you do it yourself and let your friend do it for you that's exactly how it looks. I'm certainly not saying that your makeup looks bad all the time, not at all, what I'm saying is that wedding makeup is very different to everyday makeup.

As makeup artists, we are well trained, we spend years finding the best products from all over the world, we spend a fortune on those products, as well as regularly attending classes to update our skills by working with renowned artists. We go to trade shows, listen to lectures, research, put in hours of unpaid practice - just to make sure that on your big day we have done our absolute best to make you feel like the queen you are supposed to be. 

It's an industry where you get what you pay for. Want to look like Kim K or Kate Middleton? No problem, but someone offering $30 makeups is going to make you look more Lindsay L after a big night than Kim  or Kate at their regal best.

So good luck, it's not an easy industry to navigate, I know. There are so many options, so many price points - where do you even start? My suggestion would be to get some trials done. Listen to recommendations of friends. Book in advance - I cannot stress this one enough. Great makeup artists are booked months and months in advance, they're in high demand for a reason. Don't leave your makeup to the last minute or you will have to get your friends neighbour's cousin who once worked in a chemist to do it.

Most importantly, pay your artist what they are worth and don't insult them by trying to negotiate or haggle. We've worked hard to get to where we are. You wouldn't ask a plumber to cut his costs because you spent too much on your table setting, would you? Your mechanic to lower his because petrol is so expensive? It's the same thing.

So there you go, a look at why a little perspective goes a long way when budgeting for your wedding. Hope this has been helpful, and feel free to weigh in below. If you disagree, tell me. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the topic.

I don't know about you guys, but more often than not, I want a lip product that applied smoothly, applies a subtle pop of colour that enhances natural lip colour and is easy to top up during the day. Low maintenance, cheap and cheerful and of course, super cute. I don't think I'm asking too much.

I'm a little late to the party on this one, but I'm sure many of you have noticed by now that glossy lip crayons are taking over the makeup sections in your nearby stores. So many brands, so many colours. So where does one start? You swatch them ALLLLLLLLL! All over your arm. And then forget about the line of colours up your arm and walk out of the store. Then about half an hour later you look down and realise your white top has turned into some kind of abstract coloured masterpiece. A smear of hot pink here, coral there, apple red a little bit further over. Yep, that happened. More than once. Just call me Becasso.

So, what did I find during my extensive research other than soaking said top in vinegar is the only way to get the colour (mostly) out? That my favourite ones were not the expensive high end pencils, rather the cheaper Glossy Lip Crayon by Face of Australia.

 They all have similar wear time, slightly different textures and some have higher levels of pigmentation, I guess it really depends on what you are after personally. It's much of a muchness with these products, so don't feel like you have to splurge on a Clinique Chubby Stick when you can get one that works the same for $5. Yep. $5.

Raspberry Coulis, Jam Fancy and Apple Crumble
 The FOA ones all have super cute names, which I love. And make me hungry. The ones I picked out - Apple Crumble, Raspberry Coulis and Jam Fancy (please excuse me while I take a sec to wipe the drool of my keyboard) are all totally wearable and appropriately pigmented to make them a must have handbag item. They apply smoothly, feel very moisturising and don't tend to highlight and lip nasties like dryness or chapped lips. One thing I will mention is that these do have a vanilla scent, so that is something to keep in mind if you react to things like that, or just plain don't like it.

L to R - Raspberry Coulis, Jam Fancy, Apple Crumble
I've been giving these a workout in my kit lately, giving them as a present to the flower girls of bridal parties I've been working on. Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't agree with children wearing makeup beyond a bit of gloss, and I'll also lightly apply blush to flower girls so they don't feel left out. And can I just say how much the kids and their parents are appreciating the gift? It makes the kids feel grown up, and they then seen to mimic the lead of the grown ups behaviour wise. Pretty great deal for $5 I say. So if you are looking for a way to start introducing a teen to makeup, this definitely could be the way to go.  

These can be found at Priceline, Big W and Kmart for $4.99 each and the collection currently has 7 colours. 

So, who has tried these? Or a similar one? What are your thoughts? Love it or leave it?
We all want to be rocking luscious lips, all the time, but any girl who has ever flaunted a bold lip can tell you that wearing a statement colour over any period of time takes work, and good, reliable friends will tell you if your lipstick has travelled into no-mans land.

What if I told you that I have a product that is so pigmented and bright, and stays put for hours and hours. You can rub your face, change and try on clothes, drink and (still carefully) eat without having to worry about it wearing off? No way? Let me blow your mind.

These beauties are Lime Crime Velvetines. If you know your makeup, you would know this cult brand, and would absolutely know about their love for the bright and daring. You may have even heard about these bad boys. Velvetines. Ah, why have you taken so long to be in my life?

These apply like a gloss, but be careful not to use too much, and then dry to a spectacular matte finish. We all know how drying and unforgiving matte lip products can be, but these ones don't feel drying at all. It's like paint, for your lips. Once it's on - it's on!

Red Velvet

Pink Velvet

These are super opaque, you don't need a lot, and best of all - no touch-ups required! If you're like me, you'll keep checking the mirror the first time you wear these because you just can't quite bring yourself to trust a product this bright to just stay where it is supposed to go. Stinking hot day? No worries - still there at the end of the day. Going out for a few drinks with friends? Still there. Enthusiastic making out with a spunky boy - Ha! It's not magic, if you're doing this you're still going to need to check and touch up the colour. And maybe provide some makeup remover for the lucky lad - unless you're into the clown look, there's no judgement here. 

Want to see how they look on the lips? Of course you do! (Lips pics aren't mine - taken from the Makeup and Glow site - but I can assure you that the colours are spot on!)

So, now that you've decided you need these in all the colours - you can get them either directly through Lime Crime if you are in the US, or through the faboosh ladies at Makeup and Glow if you're here in Oz. Of course there are other retailers but I got mine from M&G, but go for what's closest to you.

Lime Crime have been teasing us devotees with three new colours - a deep red, a black and chocolate brown - due out next month. They've cutely names these Goth-a-tines.

So, who wants them? Or already has them? What do you think - do you love them as much as I do?
You guys seem to like it when I show you products on a budget that work as well as their pricier counterparts, so I think you are going to like what I have in store for you today.
I've spoken before about a brand called Ulta3 and how much I love their nail polishes and how surprised I was by the quality of them. They have recently revamped their makeup line and the first thing that caught my eye when walking past the new stands were the new lipstick containers. Gone are the cheap-looking plastic tubes and they are replaced with a sophisticated tubes with colour panels on the bottom which is what draws they eye.

You know what else is great about these? The price. $2.99 for the standard colours and $3.99 for the mattes. Yep, that's right, they have a range of matte colours. In a budget line. Awesome, right?

So you want to know how they look right? For the most part - they are terrific. A couple of them need a little work, but overall I was really impressed with the quality, opacity and the wear of them.

L-R: Vixen, Harem Pink(m), Lilac Glow, Orange Crush(m), Pure Chic, Pink Pout(m), Coral Reef

015 - Vixen
Terrific work appropriate colour if you like a little shimmer. Smooth, opaque and easy to work with.

030 - Harem Pink (matte)
This is the first of the three mattes and my favourite of them. While not a true matte lipstick, this can be forgiven because it also does not have the drying qualities most matte lipsticks do. Opacity is fantastic and it's a smooth cream finish.

007 - Lilac Glow
A blue based pink/purple, this one surprised me with it's wear-ability. Definitely not a colour for everyone but still a keeper.

029 - Orange Crush (matte)
Not a fan of this one. I can't say I expected a matte orange to be terrific or flattering but I was intrigued to see what the formula was like. The answer is terrible. Clumpy, a little drying, not opaque at all and building up the colour makes it look worse. There is nothing redeeming about this, and like Harem Pink, it's not actually a matte at all.

051 - Pure Chic
Again, another great work colour to add to the collection. No faults with this one, great application, opacity and wear.

033 - Pink Pout (matte)
This one is just ok, it's a little drying, not actually matte, great colour though.

040 - Coral Reef
I was so disappointed with this one. I was so excited about the colour and was so disappointed with the lack of colour payoff, the texture and the overall finish of the lipstick. Avoid this one.

I want to try a few more of these, definitely some reds, but I highly recommend these as a luxe option for less.

That's it from me today, I was thinking about putting together a post on contouring - is that something you would be interested in getting some insider tips on?
Ok, so here we are with part two of my guide to the best brushes you can get for the best price.

Today we are talking about the face. So let's start with the base. The base is the most important part of a makeup. If you don't have amazing looking skin, then no matter how much colour you apply on top, it's not going to look as good as it could be - so it's important that you are using the right tools to ensure you are getting the best out of the products you use.

You'll need a great foundation brush. You'll use it to apply moisturiser, primer, foundation, blend concealer, pretty much anything you like.

I have lots of these, because my needs change depending on my client, but the one I love the most is the Angle Synthetic Foundation Brush from Crown ($14). I particularly love that the angle of the bristles allows you to get right into the all curves of the face like the nose and around the ears.

A great concealer brush is is also vital. I tend to favour my Sedona Lace Flat Synthetic Brush ($8.95). It's the perfect density to work around the nose, chin and forehead. Around the eyes, I actually use the fluffy blending brush from Gorgeous Cosmetics that I mentioned in the last post. I do love a multipurpose brush, and I find the fluffiness of this one is great for softly blending in cream concealers without highlighting any fine lines.

If you like contouring with creams like I do, you're going to need an amazing buffing brush, and trust me when I say I searched high and low to find this one - the Sedona Lace FB07 ($14.95). The soft, yet extremely dense brush makes buffing and blending a breeze.

A big fluffy brush is always important for powdering down a look, I have two which I love, the Gorgeous Cosmetics Powder Brush ($63) and the Real Techniques by Samantha Chapman Powder Brush ($10). Both work just as well as each other, I prefer the Gorgeous one, because I just like the way it sits in my hand.

One of my favourite brushes is my blush brush which I use for blush, highlight, dusting powder - anything really. It's the Pro Blush 330 from Makeup and Glow ($25.90). It's so soft and fluffy and my my clients always comment on how gentle it feels on their face.

For brows, I always come back to my Royal and Langnickel Silk Brow Brush ($5.99). It's perfect for filling in brows with powder and blending out harsh pencil lines.

Lastly, lips. I use a combination of brushes depending on what I need, but what I'll show you is the one I use the most. The Royal and Langnickel Silk Lip C601-S ($4.99) is a medium sized bullet tipped synthetic brush that holds a great amount of product and provides solid even coverage.

So that's it. All the brushes you need to be a makeup superstar. You may not even need all of them - if you don't like to apply your lipstick with a brush, then don't. I do for hygiene reasons, but if it's just you using your tube of lipstick, then you don't need that one.

That's it for today. Next up I have the last few tools you should have for a flawless face. Once again, the links are below for the brushes discussed.

Angled Foundation Brush
Concealer Brush
Buffing Brush
Pro Blush
Powder Brush (Gorgeous Cosmetics)
Powder Brush (Real Techniques)
Brow Brush
Lip Brush