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UNT Skincare is a brand that I have only just recently become acquainted with. They sell skin products including one of the coolest face masks I have ever come across (review to come soon!), makeup and nail polish.

Today we will be having a look at just some of the fabulous polishes offered in their line which is called UNT Color.

This is Socialite, also known as LJ025. On the website, you pick the colour swatch which has a number listed. Then once the colour it clicked it brings up the name. The bottles and boxes they come in, however only refer to the number.
It is a peachy-nude colour with a frost like finish. This is two coats. I have to admit that there aren't many shades like this in my collection as I generally consider them "Nanna-esque" but I am so wrong on this occasion. I love this colour. I love the application of this polish, for a light coloured polish, it is incredibly opaque.

Next up is Gypsy's Secret (PR080). I think this is a perfect shade of light blue. It's a blue cream that is incredibly pigmented. This one was almost perfect in one coat but I gave it a second just for good measure. Smooth application and no problems with the application.

How cool is this polish? It's called Time Traveller (PR075). It's a sheer black base chock full of silver glitter of differing sizes. This took 3 coats for even coverage and while the finish is a little lumpy without a thick topcoat, I love it to bits. (I seem to have lost a photo of this)

Lastly, this is Forbidden Forest (GA085). I love this one. It is so pigmented, so smooth, just all kinds of fabulous really. A total vampy colour.

All except Time Traveller were two coats and they all applied smoothly and evenly. The bottles are huge and really comfy to hold onto and the brush reminds me of the OPI Pro Wide.

Price - $9.59
Color Range - 73 shades to choose from
Availability - via website
Ships Internationally? - Absolutely - and best of all - FREE shipping worldwide!

You can buy your own from the UNT Skincare website by clicking here or you can try win some by entering my giveaway. UNT Skincare has generously donated 6 polishes for one lucky reader - Enter here to win!

That's it from me today.

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. Love the blue so Bright...very nice color :)

  2. That bright blue colour is sooo gorgeous. I love it!!

  3. Hi Alex,

    It is such an awesome colour, I just can't get over it.


  4. Hi Alicia,

    Funny you should say that cause I got you one too for when I finally manage to put your swap package together.


  5. these colors look amazing! can't beat free shipping either!

  6. These look great!!! free shipping worlwide !! I've never heard of such thing before

  7. Hi Fruity Lashes,

    I know, it kind of balances out cheaper polish+nasty shipping costs, so these guys are definately worth a try - even if you only go for a single bottle.