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It's Australia Day here and what better way to show my Aussie spirit then to feature the fantastic polishes on offer from the very awesome Australian brand Glitter Gal?
You all know I love a good holo polish as well as a good Aussie polish - so what could be better then Glitter Gals range of fabulous holos? 

I have four to show you today, two of my own and two that were sent to me by the lovely Kerry at Glitter Gal. If these puppies don't make you dribble a little, then I don't know what will. And as an added bonus, you have the chance to get your hands on your very own Glitter Gal polishes by entering my give away!

Let me tell you a little about the brand first. Glitter Gal was started and continues to be run by two extremely talented and all around awesome ladies called Kerry and Anna. Kerry has a background as a makeup artist as well as a model and Anna had plenty of experience creating private label cosmetics - between them, they really know what's what and we nail and makeup junkies know that we are in good hands.

Glitter Gal sells makeup as well as polishes, so I really recommend you check out their website, but today I am just going to focus on their holo polishes as these are the products I have tried and can share my experiences about.

You guys know how hard it is to photograph holos, but the Red and Copper polishes were agreeable and wanted to come out to play. These photos are taken in full sunlight and while I know that the holo in Enchanted and Not Another Red is really subtle in the photos, it is not quite like that in real life.

First up is Red. This polish is great in two coats and does crazy things in the sunlight. I swear, I was driving while wearing this polish and not only did I have to put my sunnies on as a precautionary measure, I had to remind myself to watch the road instead of admiring my nails. As far as I am concerned, there are not many things better then a killer red polish, so when there is also a holo involved, I am there with the proverbial bells on.

This lovely piece of fabulousness is called Copper. Easily the most "holy damn, in your face" of the holo polishes I own which includes my Sally Hansen Prisms, Nubar Prisms, China Glaze holos (both collections) and OPI DS. The colour is not something I would normally pick for myself, when I saw that's what I had been sent I was like "Copper - urgh!". I could not have been more wrong. I love this polish and I will never, ever part with it. Ever. Again, this one is two coats.

Next up is Enchanted. In the photos it looks like a subtle holo, which while it is much more subtle then others, it is still a definite holo and it packs a punch. This is what I call a work appropriate holo. The colour is delicate enough to be suitable for the most strict office dress policy but there is enough indoor holo flash for it to be funky at the same time. The Commissioner of an Australian federal government department actually stopped me in the hall to ask me about this polish and where she could get it for herself. True story. Three coats on this one because it is a little sheer, which can be expected for a soft colour.

Last but not least we have Not Another Red, which is what I thought when I saw it. At last count, I had three red holo polishes in my stash, all very similar, but not quite the same, which justifies me to keep them all :)
This is different to the red holos I have in that it is a much lighter base. It's more of a pinkish-red then a red-red. Again, this has a much more subtle holo then the previously mentioned Red does, but it works with the shade. It's a softer, more work appropriate option - that is if you can get away with bright red polishes. The holo isn't a blinding slap to the face but it is most certainly noticeable. Outdoors it acts as any true holo does, turning your fingers into rainbows, but inside it is more of an understated sparkle which I think is perfect. Two coats for this one.

As with all holos, the drying time on these is phenomenal. The first coat is patchy but the second cleans that right up, much like any other holographic polish I have ever come across. The bottle is smaller then most, but the price tag reflects that. The only other holos I have come across that are Aussie made are in the $20 mark. The price is due to the cost in producing the polish. I understand that the ingredients in holo polishes are quite expensive to acquire and while big companies like China Glaze and OPI and offer these kind of polishes for a similar price to the rest of their range it is purely because of the size of the company. Glitter Gal is a small company and I doubt they can afford to buy the ingredients in the kind of quantities the larger companies do at that same level of discount. So do not let the price scare you off, I know that my Aussie readers know that $12 for a holo polish is an absolute steal but my international readers have been spoilt for choice. The quality of these polishes are worth every cent and I assure you that if you do not have a couple of these polishes in your collection - you are most definitely missing out. I think I need to buy Marine Blue, Green, Blue, Fuchsia, Black and Silver!

  • Price - $11.95
  • Colour Range - 15 colours in the "Holographic" range and 16 in the "Sparkle" range
  • Availability - Online at

Glitter Gal ships internationally - which is awesome for all you readers overseas.

As I mentioned earlier, the easiest way to get two of these polishes (colours of your choice!) to call your own is to enter my giveaway which ends soon.

Happy Australia Day to all my Aussie readers.

That's it from me today.

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. These are GORGEOUS!!! LOVE them!

  2. Happy Australia Day!

    I have to get my hands on some of these. I like Red the most, it sure packs a holo-punch.

  3. very nice!

  4. I Just got copper and ballerina today!
    These are so absurdly gorgeous! I plan on getting me a few more, it is just a shame the international shipping is very expensive.
    Oh well, guess it is worth for the holo amazingness! lol

  5. I don't usually like holographic polishes but those are really pretty. The bottles remind me a lot of Colour Club polishes.
    Hope you are doing well.

  6. Lovely polishes!!!

    And if I tell you that I dreamed about a broadcaster australian guy that appeared in my house...and just now that I discovered that it's Australia day! LOL quite insane!

    Anyway, hope that you're all ok in the horrible flooding issues there.
    Take care,

  7. Hi Erica,

    I completely agree!


  8. Hi Danielle,

    They are all pretty holo-tacular!


  9. Hi Sarah B,

    Nice choices. How much does int postage go for, out of curiosity?


  10. Hi Alicia,

    I looove holos in any way shape or form so it's no shock that I love these too! As for the bottles, they are similar to colour club except they are smaller. And cuter.


  11. Hi Lucy,

    That's really quite spooky.


  12. *Drool* Glitter Gal holos just look so pretty! :)

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