Naked Cosmetics Tropical Indulgence Swatches

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I've been meaning to share these products with you guys for a while, but I always seem to have something else to post.

Collections L-R - Tropical Indulgence, Rainforest, Shock Effect, Ebony
 These are the eyeshadow sets from Naked Cosmetics that I picked up at IMATS last September in Sydney. Today I am going to show you some swatches from the first set, Tropical Indulgence.

Naked Cosmetics doesn't name their shades beyond the collection name, the pots have letter and numbers on them. For example, these Tropical Indulgence ones are labelled #TI-01 to #TI-06.

This is a photo from the Naked Cosmetics website - my good camera is still on the fritz so I had to make do with a crappy one - hence the photos. This is a more accurate indication of the colour in the pots then my pics and although the swatches are pretty accurate.
 The application is great, a little bit goes a long way. As with any mineral shadow, the colour and effect changes depending on how you apply and what you apply them over. These swatches show the shade patted on bare skin on the left and then patted over Fyrinnae Pixie Epoxy on the right.

#TI-01 Swatch

#TI-02 Swatch

#TI-03 Swatch


#TI-04 Swatch


#TI-05 Swatch


#TI-06 Swatch
 I love the colours in this collection. They are so vibrant and do remind me of exotic birds on tropical islands.

Like I said before, I picked these up at IMATS, so they were discounted to $40 a set or two for $70 (I think). You can buy them from the Naked Cosmetics website for $59.99USD/ set or $15.00USD per pot.

These are a bit pricey, but I think the colour and quality is quite good. I wouldn't pay full price for them, but if I see them again at IMATS this year, I will most definitely grab some more.

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That's it from me today.

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  1. Hi Erica,

    They are stunning aren't they?


  2. #TI-02 looks super cool! I like it!

  3. Hi LadyLuck,

    The hot pink is awesome! Everyone needs a colour like it.


  4. what a name for the brand. the pigmentation is so intense! it's not even naked hehe =)

  5. Lovely colors, they just look perfect for summer ^__^ My favorite was the #TI-01, I think that it's because of the tiny golden shimmers :D

  6. Ive heard so many mixed reviews about these but I love the colours you've shown here. Can you swatch the rest of them?

  7. ooooh, these are super pretty. They'd be perfect for making new polishes, I'd gather. Love multi-use make up products. LOL

  8. Hiya Fruity!

    I think the name is amusing too, although I think it may be in reference to the "nakedness" of mineral makeup vs nasty goodness knows what filled makeup.


  9. Hi Karina,

    I would say that that is one of the colours you would wear more often, but believe me when I say that these colours are all absolutely stunning.


  10. Hi Alicia,

    Your wish is my command. I'll put another set up today!


  11. Hi Kellie,

    They would indeed, but I am not sure that I would use them for that purpose given the price as they are a more on the pricey side then any of the other loose shadows I own.


  12. Wowwww all of them are gorgeous! Look so pigmented...wish I had these:)