Mascara Comparison - Part 2

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I was so excited to see that yesterday's part 1 of the mascara comparison got such good feedback. The post took ages to do, so to hear from you guys that it was interesting and/or helpful meant so much to me, so much in fact that I decided to post part 2 today.

Today we are looking at some Rimmel mascaras. I actually don't really have any issues with any of these ones, unlike yesterday's contenders, which were all caca.

These are the mascaras that I will be reviewing today. All easily accessible I believe. It's interesting, I am not a huge fan of pretty much anything else Rimmel does, but for some reason, I am just loving their mascaras. There is just something so right about them.

Rimmel 3 Looks Adjustable Volume Mascara
RRP – $14.95AUD

What it is supposed to do - Breakthrough adjustable volume mascara – 3 settings for 3 glam looks in 1 mascara! To choose the look you want, hold the bottle in one hand and turn the center part of the pack following the arrow, then pull out the brush: Turn to 1: up to 3x more volume*, for chic day-time volume Turn to 2: up to 5x more volume*, for more voluptuous volume Turn to 3: up to 10x more volume*, for dramatic volume *scientifically validated in vitro on eyelashes. (

Does it? – Absolutely. I'm not entirely sure how accurate the 3x, 5x, 10x volume thing is, but it's a definitely noticeable change in the amount of mascara on the eye. The brush is different to what I am used to – chunkier, the bristles are a little...odd. Not a bad thing, just took a little getting used to in order to apply the product the way it should be. The pictures about show Vol 1, 2 and 3 respectively.
Verdict – Not a mascara for beginners as it could end up a great big mess in the wrong hands. But if you stick to the instructions, the results are worth it. The only thing about this one that I find fault with (through no fault of their own) is the fact that they have a huge warning on the tube that says "USAGE ADVICE: DIAL BETWEEN LEVELS 3 AND 1. DO NOT FORCE DIAL BEYOND THE STOP! SIGN.". That just makes me wonder what would really happen if I turned it further? It has been hard for me not to just do it, especially when they put the warning in capitals. Lol. Warn me against something and I will want to do it. Wet paint anyone?

Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara

RRP – $17.95AUD
What it is supposed to do – Fuller figured brush – fuller figured lashes. Curves in all the right places! The first Triple Plump brush with 3 x the curves for 70% curlier lashes*. Voluptuous brush with CurveControl technology wiggles easily through your lashes quickly coating them. Exclusive brush design curves IN to maximize lash loading, curves OUT to curl and de-clump each lash for a complete curved look. Lashes look lusciously curled, plumped and defined. *scientifically validated as an average result of tests on lashes. (

Does it? – The mascara formula is smooth and clump free and allows for easy application. I quite like the wand; it's different to any other I have used. Rimmel refers to it a "Triple Plump Brush" but I think it looks like bubbles. They work to curl the lashes up by allowing the user easy movement between the bristles and lashes. The close packed bristles make sure the result is clump free, which makes me a happy, happy girl.
Verdict – BIG fan of this mascara. As anyone who has read any of my previous makeup posts would know, I do use this one frequently. It's really good it you want to coat your lashes, curl a little, but don't want the chunky, thick mascara look that usually accompanies this. It's a natural looking mascara that is great for everyday use and can be used as a going out mascara when you add a few more coats.

Rimmel Max Volume Flash Mascara

RRP – $14.95AUD

What it is supposed to do – Our BIGGEST BRUSH EVER with unique ‘Perfect Fit’ technology for perfect loading of each lash. No clumps. 14 x lash volume* with no clumps. 10 seconds flat! *scientifically validated invitro on eyelashes. (

Does it? – This one is a really good volumising mascara. Sometimes I find that mascaras that are meant to add volume make the lashes feel heavy and dry – not this one. It does the job so well, is incredibly light, feels natural, easy to remove and incredibly moisturising for my lashes. I am not entirely sure that it is supposed to do that, but it totally does. On another note, I really like the brush on this one. I have no idea why, it doesn't actually look any different to most brushes. I keep all the ones from my empties, clean them and then store them to brush out the clumps in other mascaras. I find it works much better than the actual brushes that are sold to do the same thing. Just make sure you clean them well each time after you do it. It's awesome because the bristle just spring right back into place no matter how rough you are with it.

Verdict – I think anyone who has been to this blog before knows of my love for this mascara. I love it, and yes, it is one of the ones that live in my handbag. I have one in my bag and one in my bathroom – I love it that much.
Rimmel Max Volume Flash Bold Curves Mascara

RRP – $15.50AUD

What it is supposed to do – 14X more volume and up to 70% lift. Rimmel's biggest Bold-Lift brush featuring Perfect-Fit technology: flexible bristles fit to the lash and coat perfectly for extreme volume and lift. Formula enriched with Collagen to fatten lashes and Keratin to strengthen lashes. (
**I would also like to share the instructions that Ulta so thoughtfully provided on their site. Apply to lashes as needed. Do not poke eye. Yep, takes a special kind of person to write instructions like that. **

Does it? – This is basically the same as the Max Volume Flash above but with a curved wand. Napoleon Perdis could take a lead out of Rimmels book on how to do a curved wand that provides even distribution of product with no waste. It provides smooth even application and looks pretty much the same as the Max Volume Flash with a bit of curve.
Verdict – This one is still new to me, but seeing as it is basically a curvy version of the pink tube, I think it is safe to say this one will be a staple of my makeup bag for a while to come. I wonder what the brush on this one will be like to reuse when the tube is empty? Something to look forward to.

Ok, that's today's comparisons. I think this one should be more helpful to everyone as Rimmel is an easily accessible brand to most people. I would think quite a few of you also have these mascaras? Care to share your own experiences?

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That's it from me today.
Be awesome to each other.


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  1. This is one of my favorite mascara .I frequently refer people to it. In fact, I just posted it to a discussion about natural mascaras.
    natural organic skincare cosmetics

  2. awsome post, will be trying one of these me thinks :) xx

  3. Great post! Love the effect of the very first mascara. They made ur lashes look so full and black!


  4. I was already thinking of buying the Sexy Curves (for its name, and only for its name... oh, and its delightful purple colour too), but now you've got me with the Rimmel 3 Looks Adjustable... Damn I'll have to test them both?
    Good thing Rimmel products are not available everywhere here in France, but I know where to find them and I'm pretty sure that next time I go by the store, I'll think about your review :)

    I should say "I don't thank you, dear, or mostly my wallet doesn't", but I won't, thank you Rebecca, for sharing your thoughts with us. Even if I spend my money because of you, that'll be spent for something great! (remind me to print that for my husband, haha)

  5. Since you gave away that the Rimmel Max Volume Flash is one of the mascaras, I'm guessing that the Maybelline Define-a-Lash in the green tube is the other one.

  6. Rimmel is one of my faves! I can't remember what one I'm using right now but when I get home I"ll let you know what I've got, I just know its a black tube with silver writing :)

  7. Hi Ere,

    Will have to have a look. Thanks for the recommendation!


  8. Hi Leslie,

    Sexy Curves is a great big win as far as I am concerned.


  9. Hi Charming Vanity,

    The 3 Looks mascara is awesome once you get the hand of it. It's def worth a try if you are in the market for a new mascara.


  10. Hi Lolaa,

    What can I say? I am an enabler. Lol. I'm sorry (but also not).
    I can def recommend both of them without any hesitation, and hey, every lady needs sexy lashes.


  11. Hi Donna,

    You are absolutely 100% correct!!! Finally. I honestly thought someone would have guessed before. Lol. Guess not. If you want to email me though your address, I will get that mascara out to you.


  12. Hi Jess,

    My guess is that you use...actaully I have no idea. Do get back to me on that. I am curious now. Is it awesome? Do I need to try that one out too?

    Oh and also congrats on being one of the Glitter Gal blog winners. Lol. Another holo polish for you! What colour are you going to get? Their new holo blue looks killer.