Mascara Comparison - Part 1

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I have been asked quite a few times now if I could do a comparison of mascaras. I finally got around to doing it. I've had to break it up into four or five parts because I have so many. I didn't realise that I did, but now that I think about it, it sounds about right.

I am a self confessed mascara junkie, I need to try every new one out, see if the gimmicks are just that and to see if I might stumble across the Holy Grail of mascara. I am the kind of girl who takes advantage of the buy two from one brand get one free so I can get three different kinds even if I don't need any at all. This does lead to a lot of waste as I do throw my mascaras out after a couple of months because it's really not hygienic to keep them longer. My mascara hoarding does mean that I am never without a new tube though, so that's cool.

I'm going to show you what I have at the moment, it's actually a little embarrassing, truth be told.
Yep, all of them. Can you tell which ones have been living in the bottom of my handbag? First person to guess correctly gets a brand new unopened mascara sent to them - although I don't know which kind I am willing to part with but I promise it will be one of the good ones! (Hint - there are two mascaras.)

Today I am going to show you these ones.

First up here are a couple of pics of my lashes naked. I realise you don't see many makeup blogs with pics not involving makeup, so please bear with me and don't run from the hills at the sight of my makeup less face. Lol.

Wow, that macro leaves nothing to the imagination. The little dusty looking bits on my lashes is just mineral foundation I used to even out my skin tone for the pics. Lol. Not lash lice. I don't even know if that is a real thing.

First cab off the rank is Peep Show Madame Curl Curl by Napoleon Perdis.

Left eye has mascara, right does not for easy comparison.

RRP - $33AUD

What it is supposed to do - Madame Curl Curl is the ultimate eye-opener, seductively bending the will of the most stubborn lash and delivering an eye-enhancing curl which lasts throughout the day. Her super-flexible film both lengthens and lifts while she coaxes lashes into good health with a dose of much needed moisture. (

Does it? - Pfft, no. This is a horrible mascara and I regret the day I caved and bought it. I hate the formula, it is messy, thick and all around nasty. I hate the brush. It's curved, but that's not the problem, the problem is, the tube doesn't remove the excess product from the curve and it comes out with way to much. Much like this.

This leads to uneven distribution even after you wipe off the excess, massive amounts of wasted product and mascara EVERYWHERE!

It does not curl like advertised. I used an eyelash curler in the pics before applying the mascara, like I do with all my mascaras. It also starts flaking off everywhere towards the end of the day.

Verdict - Clumpy mess, greatly overpriced and horrible to use. Would never EVER repurchase or recommend to anyone else. In these pictures I actually had to take a brush to my eyelashes and push the lashes down with my finger through the bristles to separate the lashes at all. It seriously looked like I had 4 ridiculously fat lashes beforehand and I just couldn't stand it.

Lashlight in Black Vinyl by Too Faced

RRP - $25USD

What it is supposed to do - LASHLIGHT's exclusive light-up wand spotlights every lash for the perfect mascara application every time. LASHLIGHT is formulated to thicken, lengthen, and condition while coating lashes with the glossiest of jet-black finishes to make eyes look brighter, whiter, and camera ready. The patented formula contains millions of microscopic mirrors that bounce light off lashes for the deepest, jet-black finish that lasts all day. (

Does it? - I found this to be comparable to the most basic mascaras I have come across. There is nothing special I could see about the formula, the wand is standard. It has LED lights built into the wand which is cool, but angle the wand the wrong way around your eyes and you get temporarily blinded by the brightness. The lights are also useless unless there is a power outage, in which case, you won't need to apply it because no one is going to see you. The handle is bulky and not overly user friendly either.

Verdict - Not worth the money. The lights are unnecessary and the formula and wand is similar to that you could find on a very cheapie brand mascara (ie crappy) you find in discount stores. I would not recommend this product.

Cils Design Pro by Lancome Paris

RRP - $35USD

What it is supposed to do - Contains 2 mascaras in one to produce best effect. One side defines & lengthens lashes and other side adds volumes to lashes. With Mini Comb to reach lashes in corner & bottom. Gives your eyes a glamorous shinny long look. (

Does it? - I found the only thing this mascara did was clump my lashes big time. The second brush, the "Custom Design Lash Effect" one was hard to maneuver and seemed to little other then group my lashes together. Not attractive. The formula on this one and stings my eyes and I def do not fall under the sensitive eye category. I applied it and had a "It burns, save me Jeebers - it burns" moment.

Verdict - I'm glad this one was a gift because I would have been pissed if I had paid for this tube of poop.Very pricey, very overrated, very crap. Would not recommend.

Rimmel Volume Extends Waterproof Mascara
RRP - Approx $15AUD

What it is supposed to do - Lash extending & building Mascara. Build the excitement!

Does it? - This mascara has two ends, one is a wand with white stuff which you apply first to add volume and length to the lashes, then you cover the white with the normal mascara at the other end to make it look natural. But does it work that way? Fail! When you apply the white it looks like you have lash lice (again, still not sure if that's a real thing, but you get the idea). When you apply the black over that it just looks clumpy and messy.

Verdict - Not a fan. I know some people love this mascara, I am just not one of them. As you may have noticed, I am incredibly picky when it comes to mascara and this one just does not make the cut. Would not recommend.

Bourjois Paris Easy Waterproof Mascara

RRP - $21AUD

What it is supposed to do - Volumising and waterproof mascara. New innovative formula for an ultra easy removal.Your ultimate pool-side accessory: stays put in the water, but comes off as easily as a non-waterproof mascara. Thanks to its innovative flexi-bristle brush, lashes are evenly covered and smoothed – leaving them beautifully volumised.(

Does it? - Nope. Not even close. This gets massively clumpy on the second coat. The brush is crap and the formula is way too thick. And it's not even easy to get off either! That's the main selling point of mascara and it's a moot point.

Verdict - Fail. I do not like a clumpy mascara, and this one is so thick and nasty you can't even attempt to brush the clumps out.Would not recommend.

So it looks like I am overly critical of mascaras, I know. But I swear I am not. I just thought I'd get the really crap ones over with quickly, the next lot are not nearly as bad. Overall - the worst of the bunch? Napoleon Perdis! I curse the day I ever saw this mascara beckoning me. The best? Honestly, I couldn't recommend a single one today, they all sucked big time. I wasted a heap of money one these, but for a good cause, because now you don't have to and at last, this mascara fetish of mine is justified. Hoorah! Victory is mine!

Have you have any experience with any of these mascaras? Care to share? I would love to hear your take on this product. Maybe I got got a dodgy tube (for five separate mascaras!)?

That post was super long and if you are still with me - high 5! The next installment will be coming your way soon, so watch this space.

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That's it from me today.
Be awesome to each other.


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  1. HAve the yellow and orange ones been in your bag? :L They look kinda.. well... opened :)

  2. Hi Katie,

    Lol. I see what you mean, but nope. Good try though.


  3. Well thank you for sharing this, I also love mascara and reading your review sure made me smile and think about my own ones... I definitely have a couple of crappy ones and why on earth I still have them in my make-up box is a total mystery :)
    I came by here by chance and really liked your posts (this one and some others too), so I'll be following you!
    Oh, by the way, I would give a try at guessing that maybe the Rimmel Sexy Curves is in your bag (I have been watching it for months now but didn't buy it yet, so you bet I'll read your review about it! Only the name is attracting already), along with the purple one (11th from the left)... but now that I'm saying this I must admit that I may influenced by the fact that I like purple (and red. and black. and pink. and... oh, okay!)

  4. Hi Lolaa,

    I'm glad you liked the blog! It's always a good feeling to know that something you put so much of yourself into is liked by someone else.

    A good try with the guessing, but sorry, no. Rimmel Sexy Curves is a great mascara. That one will be up in the next installment, however when it will actually be posted, I don't know. It took me three and a half hours from start to finish with this post, so I don't know when I will have the energy to do that again. Maybe next week.

    Haha, the colour of the tube influences my buying habits sooo much.


  5. My guesses are pulse and lash stiletto.

    Pulse just because it's a bit of a silly concept that I wouldn't look forward to try myself.

    Stiletto, because it looks brand new (so does the define-a-lash though)

  6. Ohhh misunderstood it :D

    My guesses would be then Sexy curves and Max Volume Flash.

  7. Rimmel 3 looks if I may add another guess ;)

  8. This comment has been removed by the author.

  9. O.K I am 90% sure it's Rimmel MAX volume mascara because your hint was there are two and in the pic shown there are 2 max mascaras and in your previous posts of everyday work makeup routine you said you like this mascara and it's your go to mascara .I can't tell whether it's the pink one or green one because I have just started wearing makeup and I haven't seen them so I don't know which one is Rimmel MAX volume flash in ultra black ,I hope I guessed right

  10. i love love love your really thorough review!
    super :D
    i also had a little giggle because you didnt like any of the mascaras :)
    can't wait for more!

  11. Great reviews :) it's hard to come across a good mascara these days but once I find one I like I'm a happy camper (so far loving lashblast volume) :)

  12. Alright, let me take a guess... ^__^

    1. The MAX Volume Flash mascara (Rimmel) - the pink one
    2. Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara - it's the 'purple' one just on the right side of the MAX volume mascara, and it has this fancy writing on the package

    I thought about those two because they appear a lot in your eye makeups, and they don't look clumpy at all in the pictures :D

  13. love this post ! =)

    hmm. my guess would be the blue one?? i dont know the name for it.. but its shorter than all the others..

  14. AMAZINg Review! LOL at eye lice!!hahah I thought i was the only one that thought that. U HAVE TO TRY YSL mascara...its hella pricey but you can just try it at the counter for free.

  15. Wow you have a lot. Have you tried Bare Escentual's Buxom lash mascara?
    Its amazing. No clumps and the brush is so unique. Just wanting to add to your collection...;)

  16. Hi Thifa,

    Close but not quite.


  17. Hi Alvira,

    The hint wasn't meant to be cryptic, it was simply to let you know that there were two mascaras that float around in my bag. Lol.
    You are close, but not quite there. But high 5 for the detective work!


  18. Hi Frankie,

    I didn't realise that I hated the whole first group, I didn't do it on purpose, it just worked out that way. Lol. But there are some really good ones to come.


  19. Hi Jadegrrrl,

    A fabulous choice. I love that one too! Just the sheer amount of mascaras on the market make it so confusing so I decided to sort the gimmicks from the great to save you guys some money.


  20. Hi Karina,

    Close but no cigar. I do wear both of them a lot, but only one of them lives in my handbag.


  21. Hi Diana,

    I don't actually know what that means. Care to enlighten me?


  22. Hi Alice,

    Glad you found it informative.


  23. Hi Siwing,

    That's the Rimmel 3 looks. Nice try, but no.


  24. Hi Jill,

    It's a little embarrassing seeing them all there together. My habit has gotten a little out of control it seems. Lol. But thank you for saying that, it makes it seem a little less bad.


  25. Hi Hershey's,

    Yep, eye lice. I couldn't think of any other way to describe it. YSL you say? Any particular kind? May have to go loiter around the counters in Myer and David Jones and find it.

  26. Hi Alicia,

    Unfortunately I can't access that brand here. Perhaps i should add it to my wishlish on MUA? I completely trust your judgement on these things, so I will probs have it soon. lol. Thanks so much for enabling me a little more. :P


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  28. Yes, even though I'm pretty sure the guessing comp has finished, I want to weigh in, just to see if I'm right.

    So one of your handbag mascaras is Rimmel's Max Volume Flash. Can I guess that the other is Covergirl's Lashblast? The original orange one? :)

  29. Well, I don't know if we can try again, but if we can't, may I ask for you to drop me a mail ( just so I can know if the answer is right? I'm getting really curious *lol*

    Are they the MAX Volume Flash mascara from Rimmel and that pink Define-a-lash volume mascara from Maybellinne?

  30. Hi Joan,

    Nice try, but no. And I figured that I would run it til someone got it right, which they have, on the 2nd post.


  31. Hi Karina,

    Someone has finally managed to guess, but I will drop you an email anyway.


  32. Would they be Max volume flash and Max curves?

  33. I meant bold curves. I'm a rimmel girl myself so it wouldnt surprise me if you had those two in you bag.

  34. LOL you got wayyyyy too many girl :P
    How do you manage to use them all up within the specified time ?
    BTW i love mascaras too , wouldn't call myself a junkie, but for me its a MUST HAVE !!
    I love the comparison..