MAC Halloween Face Chart - She Goes Pop

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  1. Start out on your clean face. Lightly buff a thin layer of Luna Cream Colour Base all over your skin with a #187 brush. Set it with Gesso Eye Shadow and a #116 brush - pressing the Eye Shadow in rather than buffing it.

  2. Using Blacktrack Fluid Line and a #266 brush - paint in your eyeliner and brows - don’t be afraid to experiment with painting an expression on.

  3. Sculpt your cheek bones with a bit of Concrete or Omega Eye Shadow and paint your lips a daring red.

  4. Finally, find a chopstick or something in your house with a small round shape that you can use as a stamp. Scrape some Passionate Eye Shadow onto a small kitchen plate. Mix some Fix+ into the scraped shadow - make it not too watery and then dip your stamping tool into it and go to town with your dots.
Studio Moisture Fix
Cream Colour Base - Luna
Eye Shadow - GessoLipstick - Russian Red

Fluidline - Blacktrack
Eye Shadow - Gesso, Passionate, Omega
Eye Kohl - Fascinating
Zoomlash - Zoomblack

Prep + Prime Lip
Lip Pencil - Cherry
Lipstick - Russian Red, Black Knight (Style Black Collection)


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  1. this is so interesting! I bet its hard to remove all this makeup!

  2. Oh my God,m that looks so. Creepy. And awesome at the same time.

  3. Hi Toesthattwinkle,

    I imagine it would be horrible to get it all off, luckily we don't do this kind of stuff often right?


  4. Hi Irenka,

    I totally agree. I can't decide if I love it or if it totally freaks me out.