Orly Enchanted Forest

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I love long weekends, don't you? Although sometimes it makes going back to work just that little bit harder.

Today's nails of the day got me a lot of comments on the colour. I'm not sure everyone can pull off such a deep shade of green, but I loved it. I don't have a lot of green polishes and could not see why some people were so nuts about them, now I am a convert. I need more green!!!!

The polish is Orly Enchanted Forest and was my first experience using Orly. I was happy with the result as the polish applied smoothly and evenly. I love the larger then normal size bottle and also the brush. I found the handle of the brush extremely comfortable to use, more so then any other polish I own. Perhaps it is because I have big hands, so a bigger brush was suited to me?

This was three coats with Konad plate M63 and Princess Silver Special Polish. It was also my first time using the silver polish. I was really happy that it didn't come out as 'in your face' silver. I quite liked the pattern was really happy with the overall look.

I will start putting up the make up posts tomorrow. I am still editing photos and all of that fun stuff, but it is done.

That's it. Be awesome to each other.


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  1. i love how you end your posts :)
    be awesome to each other.
    and to the earth, may i add :P lol

  2. Hi Jamie,

    I have no idea why I say it, but I'm glad you like it. It actually reminds me a little of those old (or young) Keanu Reeves movies - Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure and Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. I love those movies.