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Just a very short post today. It's a little hectic at the moment, but luckily we have another long weekend coming up here. Hooray for not having to go to work for two Mondays in a row!

This is Zoya Yasmeen and it is one of my favourite purple polishes. Its a staple of the Zoya range, and I think if you want a purple, Yasmeen is the way to go. Feel free to argue with me if your opinion differs.
It is a really deep purple with a awesome shimmer to it. It is apparently pretty close to Nars Purple Rain, but Yasmeen is a little lighter and a little more red.
My bottle was only recently acquired, so I'm not sure if Zoya has changed this one over time, but I did a bit of a Google search to see other people pics of it and they do not look like mine. The pics I have here shows the colour I have exactly as I see it on my fingers, which is a surprise considering how hard people have said purple polish is to photograph.

I finished it off with a single Konad holographic flower accent because I thought it didn't need much more then that. I am really happy with how this looks. Those holo stickers are a pain to get off though. There is no chance of it falling off.

Also, I want to say a big thank you for to everyone who has entered my competition so far. I've nearly reached 50 followers which seemed so far away just a couple of days ago. You guys are fabulous! It's still open for entries for another two weeks (Friday 14th May), so make sure you put yourself in the running for a great Rimmel prize.

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. Thank you my dear. I am very fond of it too. I saw that comment you put up in response to mine on your blog about the Throx. I didn't see them! I think thats a brilliant idea.


  2. I love that shimmering purple!! Wonderful ♥

  3. Hi Jonna,

    I know that everyone blogs about this purple, but it's because it's so awesome. If this post convinces just one person to buy this polish or to get it in the Zoya Exchange, then it was worth putting it up. It truely is a stunning polish.


  4. Such a pretty purple color!