Today's Nails and What Is Coming Up Soon

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I love these nails. My Konading skills can still use some work for the lining up (and not putting them on upside down) but I don't mind. This one was a super fun weekend mani, just because I was dying for an excuse to put zombies on my fingers. (Wow, there really was no pun intended there, that was an accident) Lol.

I used Zoya Salma, which is from the 2009 Truth collection. Its a deep burnt orange, exactly the same colour as the convertible Mini that I will one day own. *Sigh* One day.
This is three coats of polish although I think it was good with two, I just like to be consistent.
I used Konad template M13 and the Black/ Gold Konad Special Polish and used the male and female zombies and the skull.

I also thought I might give you a peek at what I had coming up to show you guys over the next few weeks.

I promised a beauty blog, but so far it has been a bit nail polish heavy. So I though some MAC and Too Faced reviews could rectify it. I also have a ton more polish to show you guys. This is just what has shown up in the last week! I also have some DIY flakies and holos to show you as well.

Don't forget to enter my Rimmel Giveaway. It will be running til 14th May 2010.

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. Wow, I want all those MAC shadows. I have almost all those Two faced products too lol.


    xox Laura Beth

  2. wow, so many different MAC eyeshadows! :D Looking forward to read your next posts and see what you're going to show.. ^__^ Love your blog!

  3. Hi Laura,

    I've never actually used Too Faced products before, but I've heard so many good things about them, I thought it was time to try them. It is also a brand not available to use here in Australia, so I think it would be good to introduce a few more people to an awesome brand.

    And the MAC stuff, I love MAC. Can you tell?


  4. Hi Jonna,

    Thanks for stopping by. I'm pretty interested to know what I will do next too. Gonna have to get some good stuff to top the MAC haul right?


  5. Cute nails ^^ And wow! All those MAC shadows <3

  6. Hi Lilly,

    Thanks, I was looking for a chance to use that Zombie print as soon as I saw it. As for the MAC shadows, I know. I'm spoilt. But I love it!