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I've decided that today is Random Swatch Day! And with that here are some polishes chosen totally at random from my collection.

China Glaze Platinum Pearl. I do like this one, but personally I think it needs a little something to liven it up a little. Gems, Konad, anything at all because it is just a little boring on its own, but then I rarely leave a polish as is on my nails. It is a frosty metallic silvery-white.
It applies well, this one definitely needs three coats and you do have to be careful about brush lines on the polish. I've heard that the consistency of the polish was thick and pooled at the tips of nails, but I never had this problem. Perhaps CG fixed the formula.
I believe this was originally released as part of the 2007 Metallics Platinum Collection alongside Platinum Silver and Platinum Gold.

China Glaze Eyes Like Sapphires is one of those polishes that I wore once, thought "Meh" and never looked at it again. And then I swatched it and now I love it! Its so sparkly and pretty. The base is a bright blue jelly polish, I'm not sure how exactly to describe that shade with silver micro-glitter glitter though it. Hang on, would it be a sapphire blue? Lol
The formula is thin-ish, so you do need three coats for this one.
It is from the 2007 We Adorn You collection which also included Ruby Pumps, Gilded Treasures, In Awe of Amber, Soft Sienna Silks, Anklets of Amethyst, Draped in Velvet and Drenched in Diamonds.

China Glaze Black Diamond looks more gunmetal grey then black, but that is due to the "high lustre pearl" as described by China Glaze. However, I found that the black was lightened by the micro-glitter that makes the polish shimmer.
This one was released as an addition to the 2007 (maybe?) Ski Collection as part of the 3 pack Explicit Skiing which also included Frostbite and Outta Bounds.
This one needs a few coats. I think mine in this picture is 4, but I am sure if layered over a black or grey basecoat, that you wouldn't need that many to be opaque.

I'd put Zoya Anaka away in a safe place to wear when I wanted awesome nails. And then forgot about it. But now I've found it, I loooove this colour. Its so pretty and girly, but not a pale pink that normally invokes the thought of girly in my mind.
Its a berry like fuschia that reminds me of sweetness. Did that make sense to anyone else? That's what the polish is like to me.
It has a bluish-purple shimmer to it and is just all kinds of awesome.
It comes from the 2009 Autumn Zoya Truth collection which is six polishes that are all shimmers - Penny, Kalmia, Salma, Isla and Drew. I loved this collection and have Salma and Isla as well as Anaka.

I've had Revlon Cherries in the Snow for quite a while now. I loved it when I first bought it, but now that I have stuff like OPI and China Glaze, I'm not so impressed anymore. I mean, the colour is good, but it's not a wow! colour. The texture is good. The application is good. That's all there is too it. It's a good polish, not a great one.
Its a straight raspberry cream polish. One other thing I remember about this polish is that it seems to chip fairly easily.

Ok that's all from me today. Be awesome to each other.


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