China Glaze Emerald Sparkle

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Just a super quick post today. This is China Glaze Emerald Sparkle. You may remember this polish from such collections as the 2008 Sleigh Ride.


It has a deep emerald green base with heaps and heaps of green glitter. Its a two coater, which makes me happy. Its like a green version of Ruby Pumps, which is my all time favourite polish. Ever. Big call I know. But I can't go past it and since I also love green, this one has to be right up there too.


The polish didn't photograph too well for me, which make me sad, but trust me when I say this polish is all kinds of awesome. It's like someone opened up the bottle and poured in a whole heap of awesomesauce. That's the best way to describe it to you.

That's it from me today. Be awesome to each other.

*As always, please excuse the nasty pre clean up fingers. I am pretty sure I was half asleep when I took these because I don't even remember doing it. I just found these pictures in the "To be added" folder.*


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  1. love it ;)And your nails: waouuuu!

  2. I also love this polish. Glitters are one of my favorites. Greens are also my favorite polish color. You have such pretty nails.