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Happy Monday!


I gave stamping with the holo polishes a go over the weekend and I am pretty happy with the result too.
I started off with a base of China Glaze Four Leaf Clover which is from the recent Up and Away collection. I found this polish quite thick, as I did with Grape Pop, the other polish I have from that collection. Did anyone else find that or is it just me?


I like the green, I don't have anything else like it. It's just a really good colour. No shimmer, no glitter, nothing - just plain colour and it's awesome. I liked it on its own, but my curiosity over whether the holo polishes I have would stamp won out over the plain nails.


I did a full nail design (M63 which is the same as this one) and also tips (M19) because my nails are a little too long at the moment for the full nail on its own. I used China Glaze OMG which is the silver holo. OMG is a pretty thin polish and takes a few coats to make it stand out which isn't really practical when stamping, so the design in shade is pretty subdued, but in the sun - holy damn!. Actually it is yellow in the shade because the base polish is green.


I have a few photos today so you can really see the design, but I can tell you that the photos just do not do this mani justice.

That's it from me today. Be awesome to each other.


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  1. I'm loving your nails! Love the purple holo colour!!!