Zoya Ivanka

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Hi guys!

Hope your Monday is bearable so far. Today I am going to show you Zoya Ivanka. I got this at the same time I got Charla so this one got shoved in my Helmer and was not really given a second thought.

It's a really awesome grass green that reminds me of spring and green jelly! I've been on a bit of a jelly kick lately. Actually I am eating a mango and passionfruit flavoured one right now. That's jell-o, not jam for all you Americans out there. That's right isn't it? Jelly is Jell-o and jam (the fruit spread) is jelly to you guys?

Anywho, back to the nail polish. This is two coats, relatively painless to remove and killer with a glossy top coat.

Quick poll - What do you want to see tomorrow?
 -Bloom Bianca?
 -OPI DS Mystery?
 -Orly It's Up To Blue?
 -Zoya Kelly? 
 -Hard Candy Beetle?

That's it from me today, be awesome to each other.


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  1. Hard Candy Beetle. I can't remember how it looks like.

  2. Gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous!

  3. Love this polish!!
    I'd like to see HC Beetle. I almost bought it the other day, so a swatch would be awesome =)

  4. This color is pure beauty! So Spring/Summer perfect and gorgeous! I love the shape of your nails too! :)