New Releases for Australia - OPI Burlesque Collection - The Glitters

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So OPI has been really good with the Swiss collection and now the new Burlesque collection in releasing them for us ladies here in Australia without the massive wait we normally face when it comes to new released from the big American Brands. 

I'm excited so much by this collection. For started there are six of those amazing glitters that OPI makes. I imagine the polish world will go a bit nuts over these much like they did over the release over previous glitters like Mad As A Hatter and Absolutely Alice. Lets have a bit of a look at that glitters in this collection shall we?

Bring on the Bling

They say - A gold glitter that is beyond dazzling
I say - A predominantly gold glitter with blue, red, possibly pink and maybe a bit of orange glitter in random sizes from what I can see.


They say - If you want to stand out in the crowd, try this multi coloured glitter-icious Sparkle-icious
I say - This polish makes me happy. It's like confetti. A mixture of lots of different coloured glitters. Kind of like the pictures you did in pre school where you smeared glue on the paper and dumped as much and as many different coloured glitters on the paper as you can. I can see gold, purple, pink, blue in fairly even amounts.

Simmer & Shimmer

They say - Get the party started with thei sparkling blue glitter
I say -  Another blue/ gold combo, but nothing like Absolutely Alice in that it is lighter, with noticeable amounts of other colours mixed in. I can see silver, a pinky/ red/ purple and definitely some orange.

Glow Up Already

They say - Match your green party frock to this glittery green number
I say - I've heard that this one is quite similar to Bring on the Bling, but with a little green glitter mixed in. I won't know for sure until I see it in person though.

Show It & Glow It!

They say - Dont' be afraid to show off your party nails in this burgundy multi coloured glitter
I say - Looks to me like a purple and silver glitter combo with glitter size ranging from normal to micro. Looks like there is a little orange and blue thrown in there too. Whatever it is, it's stunning.


They say - Scream for attention in this over the top orange glitter
I say - This looks like a combination orange and gold glitter. I keep thinking I can see flashes of blue in there, but I can't find any when I look at it really closely. I don't get the name of this one. Is it perhaps an obscure reference to something in the movie? It just looks like a plain old typo to me.

We'll look at the rest of the collection in the next couple of days.

The Burlesque collection is available now at David Jones stores RRP $19.95

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That's it from me today.

Be awesome to each other.


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