Mascara Comparison Part 3

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Ok, so here we go with part three - the Maybelline Mascaras.

Maybelline Define-A-Lash Lengthening Mascara

RRP - $15.95 AUD

What it is supposed to do – This zero clump mascara creates stunning length with clean definition. Ophthalmologist tested, contact lens safe. Washable; also available in waterproof formula. (

Does it? – This was one of the very first mascaras I ever purchased, well not this tube specifically, that would just be gross. I tend to get the soft black colour which is more grey then black. The brush is incredibly flexible and has short rubbery bristles which allow you to get product from the root of the last all the way to the end. It's very user friendly and it is a constant favourite for me, living in my handbag alongside my Rimmel Max Volume Flash.

Verdict – For me, this is a perfect learner mascara. It's wand is flexible allowing you to get to the lashes normally hard to get to, the formula is quite thin which means no clumps and it defines the lashes without the mess of a volume enhancing mascara. This is a mascara I have repurchased about 5 times and will continue to do so.
Maybelline Define-A-Lash Volume Mascara

RRP – $15.95AUD

What it is supposed to do – This zero clump volumising mascara creates voluptuous volume with clean definition. Patented shaped-to-the-lash brush. Ophthalmologist tested, Contact lens safe, washable. (

Does it? – I originally bought this one not long after I got the Length one. Honestly, the difference between the two is slight at best. This one has a slightly thicker formula, same brush, so I still love that.

Verdict – The two Define-A-Lash mascaras are very similar, close enough to not require a person to own both. I have both because they are different colours.

Maybelline Pulse Perfection
RRP – $19.95AUD

What it is supposed to do – It’s our first vibrating mascara. Transforms your lashes to perfection. Patent-pending elastomer brush vibrates 7,000 times per stroke. Provides clump-free definition, intense color, and shine. Available in a Waterproof and Regular formula. Builds lash volume, length, and adds curl. Buildable formula. Ideal for All Skin Types. Contact lens safe. (

Does it? – Biggest. Gimmick. Ever. I hate this mascara. It is the standard Maybelline mascara formula, which means that I would probably like it if they hadn't tried to trick me into thinking it was something it's not. Having to keep you finger on the button that makes the wand vibrate is annoying and makes it hard to maneuver. I constantly worry that the vibrations will cause me to stab myself in the eye. When you make contact with the root of your lash it makes the mascara go EVERYWHERE. You also have to hold the button down quite firmly so all the vibrations are absorbed by your hand, try to hold it loosely and your wand is uncontrollable and either way your hand aches So instead of making mascara easier to apply, it actually makes it much more work than it should ever be. Stupid product. Never every buy it. You will regret it. The brush is almost the same as the Define-A-Lash ones but less bendy.
Verdict - Do not buy this mascara. Total waste of money and there is a good chance you will stab yourself in the eye(or maybe that's just me?). Shame on you Maybelline for ruining your reputation of fairly decent mascaras with this shoddy piece of shoddyness. Oh yes, one more thing – when that wand is vibrating, it is damn near impossible to separate the lashes. Nasty mess.

Maybelline Lash Stiletto Ultimate Length Mascara
RRP – $19.95AUD
What it is supposed to do – The only mascara that does for lashes what stilettos do for legs. The Grip & Extend brush grasps each lash and coats from every angle. Elastic formula stretches lashes for provocative length. Pro-Vitamin B-5 formula conditions and strengthens and delivers black-patent shine. Contact lens safe and Ophthalmologist tested. (

Does it? – It does indeed make your lashes long, although I don't know about the shine claim. Anyway, wouldn't shiny lashes be weird? The brushing is slightly conical, which is interesting, but it allows you to get to the tine lashes on the inner eye without any issues. It allows even distribution of product, which is always a product. Absolutely lengthens with no clumps, so no complaints here.

Verdict – I quite like this mascara, it does everything it is supposed to except for the shiny lashes, which no one really wants anyway. A notable change in length, and a tiny bit of volume. A good buy.

So there you go. Clearly the dud of the bunch is the Pulse Perfection Mascara. I guess the big question here is "Do I hate it as much as that bloody Napoleon Perdis one?". I'm going with no. While it is one of the stupidest things I have ever had the misfortune of buying, it does not make me completely angry to the point where is it irrational with it's crapness like Madame Curl Curl does. So Napoleon, you still hold on to your very inauspicious award of Crappest. Mascara. Ever.
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  1. *lol* Pulse Perfection - I really would like to know who came up with the idea that a shaking applicator would make it easier to aaply a mascara... just the thought of someone inventing it is hilarious XD

  2. Hi Karina,

    Like I said. Stupidest. Product. Ever. A bet a boy came up with it. Lol


  3. WOw this is soooo usefull !!! All mascara claim and do the same thing, but its so smart of you to actually compare !!!!! U should totally do more brands !!