Stars Makeup Haven Eyeshadow Swatches

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I ordered a palette with 28 shadows from Stars Makeup Haven a few weeks back. It's here now and here are the swatches from it.
I love that these shadows are incredibly pigmented. They blend easily into one another and the colours are all amazing. I think I will be using these a whole lot. I also think I will be ordering the rest of the colours they have on offer.

I was going to order these from All Cosmetics Wholesale but when I went on the actual SMH site I saw that I could get the palette filled with 28 colours of my choice for $90. Individually the pots are $6 each, the palette $15. Through ACW it would have been $182!

And SMH added an extra pot in for free as well as a Too Faced Lip Gloss! Such nice people there.
This is the palette. The numbers are all out of whack because I brilliantly started swatching at my wrist.

Here are the arm swatches. They are brushed on fairly lightly over a thin layer of primer.

Colours are:

  1. Dress Blues

  2. Plum Crazy

  3. Ultra Violet

  4. Foxy

  5. Pandora

  6. Euphoria

  7. Flare For The Dramatic

  8. Light My Fire

  9. Bombshell

  10. Cougar

  11. Bohemia

  12. Eden

  13. Mimosa

  14. Champagne

  15. Wine Not

  16. Metro

  17. Electra-fied

  18. Fireflies

  19. Olive Branch

  20. Limelight

  21. Fresh

  22. Evergreen

  23. Teal Tuesday

  24. Powder Room

  25. Parakeet

  26. 1492

  27. Pacific Rim

  28. Walking After Midnight

I will be working on looks using these shadows over the weekend, so keep an eye out for them. Should be fun seeing what I can create.

Any favourite shades there? Anyone have any experience with Stars Makeup Haven products?

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That's it from me today. Be awesome to each other.


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  1. Wow...awesome deal and the colours are so bright. I decided to do a project 5 pan (no makeup til I finish 5 products completely) and it is killing me so want these eyeshadows!

  2. Hi Alicia,

    Wow, that's dedication. I do not have enough self control to do that. My buying ban lasts only as long as I avoid stores (or as long as between when I am broke and payday!! Lol)
    Which products do you have to finish? It's not pigments is it? You will NEVER get through those.


  3. Hi Bec!!
    Just replied to your comment on my blog but in case you don't read the follow-up comments I came here to tell you that yeah the prize has arrived! Thank you soooo much!! :) xx

  4. omg those colours look so cool! really want to try them out now :) x

  5. Ohh wow, love the colors!

    XXX Ilja

  6. Wow gorgeous colours and with a lot of pigment!
    Love it. =D
    Never heard from the brand before, but looks good. :-)

  7. Hi LaDamaBiance,

    They're pretty awesome.


  8. Hi Biba,

    I am absolutely loving all the shades.


  9. HI Jonna,

    Awesome, glad to hear it. Replied on your blog.


  10. Hi Lo,

    If you get a chance, def give them a try. They are good value for money, I think the pots are around the same size as MAC, so for $6 each or $90 for 28, it's a bargain for some good quality shadows.


  11. Hi Lija,

    Thanks for checking out the post. The colors are incredibly vibrant in person. Lots of fun to play around with.


  12. Hi Madelon,

    I actually heard Leesha (Aka XSparkage) talk about them on YouTube (I think). She's a big fan too, so I tracked them down. Totally worth the effort.


  13. SMH has gone sooo far downhill in regards to service! BEWArE!! I ordered four empty blush palettes over a month ago and they were never delivered.  My money was taken out of my bank almost immediately, but my order still says processing on their site.  I have sent four emails to try to find out what's going on, but no response.  I started a complaint with paypal earlier this week, but my order still says processing.  This is not my first time ordering from them.  Earlier this year in April I ordered two empty 28 pan eyeshadow palettes, which fit my mac eyeshadows perfectly, but got them after two weeks.  SMH made up for the delay by including a free eyeshadow and explaining on the invoice that they were short staffed because some people went back to school, blah blah blah.  I also noticed around that time on their twitter that they were going to hire or hired new staff.  I recently checked their twitter again and they have no problem tweeting constantly, but apparently have a problem with responding to their customers' emails!!!!!  I will wait one more week, but if nothing changes, I will have to escalate my complaint with paypal and get my money back! 

  14. I completely agree with aRi...i put in an order of $186 January 5 2011 and it is now the 17th and my order is still "processing" i've contacted them on their site twice as well as their email, and haven't gotten a reply yet. It's kind of frustrating because I've ordered from them before and have never had such bad service! I am also going to contact paypal to get my $ back if I don't here a reply from them soon or see a package in the mail. At least send a "shipped" email or a tracking number?? I even paid extra for "insurance" whatever that means! SMH is going downhill for sure!

  15. Hmm, instead of buying directly from starsmakeuphaven can consider buying from

    Dear Rebecca,

    thank you for sharing your swatches. Love love love!