Sally Hansen Three D

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This is one of the fabulous polishes I got in my monster swap with Jessica over at Polished Lyrics. Thanks again Jess!

This is Sally Hansen Three D. I think it was 3 coats of polish. I finished it off with a sticker from a sheet I was sent ages ago when I ordered some Konad products. I think it is cute and suits the mani.
The polish was released as part of the High Definition range a while back, and has now finally been released over here in Oz. You can find them at Priceline retailing at $16.95 each. Which is ridiculous. Even if you manage to snag the ones with the free Double Duty Polish attached.

The application was smooth and even and the dry time was fantastic.

That's it from me. Enjoy your weekend!

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. its a gorgeous color but that's a steep price!!! glad you were able to find it elsewhere.

  2. Hi EG,

    Thanks! The prices here are nuts. What are they worth over where you are?


  3. Yeah, I couldn't believe the prices either when I went to Priceline last holidays. But I'm a bit of cheap scape.

  4. Hi Pammymela,

    I def wouldn't call you a cheapie. I totally agreed. It's just insane what we are expected to pay here for the exact same products they have overseas at half the price and even less.


  5. Gorgeous pinkish red nailpolish! x