Pedi - Island Style!

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So I thought I could combine my holiday pedi with some holiday photos.
I've spent the last week in a villa on Hideaway Island in Vanuatu. It was amazing! Our villa had its own private pool overlooking the ocean. The island itself was awesome. The snorkelling was brilliant, and the scenery, well, you can see it for yourself.

This is my feet on a sun lounge overlooking the snorkelling reef.

Funny story about the nail polish, I had the same polish on my nails and while I was snorkelling, a big chunk of it came off and was floating in front of me in the water. Now the fish on the reef are super tame and they come really close. (Close enough to make me squeal a couple of times and for my mask and snorkel to fill with salt water.) They thought the flake of shiny polish was food for them and I had to quickly grab it and stuff it down my swim top. Those fish were not impressed and the big ones swarmed around me like I was a bully. It was kind of scary. I got out of the water real fast after that. I fed them some bread the next morning after breakfast, so there didn't seem to be any hard feelings when I got back in that next afternoon.

Close up of the toes! I know they are nasty. I had blisters from walking everywhere. I promise you won't be subjected to my feet and freakishly long toes again anytime soon, if ever again. I used Zoya Charla because it seemed fitting to have mermaid toes at the beach.

Now onto the good stuff.

This is Iririki Island, which is just across from the town of Port Villa.

A view from Hideaway Island looking back at the mainland. At low tide, you could walk between the island the mainland.

The view from the deck of the villa we stayed in. Amazing right?

These are some of the children from the local villiage. They love being photographed and then looking at themselves in the camera screens.

The children were super cute. They live mostly in huts like this one below.

I had such a hard time leaving. I realise now that booking my flight home on my birthday so I could have a family dinner was a stupid idea. It was the worst birthday ever. Lol.
I loved Vanuatu and the people there. I plan to return very, very soon.
That's it from me today. I am waiting on a few more products to show up so I can launch my big Birthday MAC giveaway. I'ts an awesome prize, even if I do say so myself. So stay tuned.
Be awesome to each other.


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  1. I'm jealous of your amazing vacation. I showed the gals at work today you're pictures you sent me and we were all drooling and turning green with envy :) I'm glad you had a great time, and made it back safely. Sorry your birthday wasn't all that wonderful :(

  2. Hi Jess,

    Back safe and sound, despite the 8 earthquakes, or they may have been aftershocks to the big earthquake that happened a few a days before I went over.

    It was fantastic. I highly recommend it to everyone. I've been pretty smug showing my photos around to my colleagues. Lol.

    It's ok, there will be another birthday next year. That's the good thing if you have a crappy one.


  3. Wow, that must have been awesome vacation!

    I'm late on this, but anyway...Happy B-day! :D

  4. Hi Biba!

    It was fantastic. It was nice to just chill out and do nothing for a week.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Better late then never!


  5. Oh that sounds like an amazing vacation! It looks so beautiful there. I've seen views like that only in pictures, never visited such a stunning place like that. x

  6. Hi Jonna,

    I had only seen beaches like these ones in pictures too before I went. The thing is, it is only an hour and a half's flight away and cheaper then heading to Sydney for the same amount of time, so I have no idea why I haven't been there before.