Zoya Tallulah

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I thought I might swatch a colour that has been sitting unopened in my box of polishes.
I only did the one hand and was in a bit of a hurry so please excuse the messy bits of polish on my fingers.


Tallulah is from the Summer 2009 Oh La La Zoya collection. It is a medium blue, not sky blue, but also not a dark blue. It is a pretty color, but probably not one of my personal favourites.


The polish has an interesting shimmer to it, it's a bit hard to describe because it changes depending on what angle you look at it and in what light. Mostly it looks like a silver shimmer, but it can also look a bit blue-green and sometimes even purple. Definitely an interesting one. I've put a close up of the shimmer on the nail just below.

That's all for today. Be awesome to each other.


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