Zoya Katy

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Today's mani is one of those ones that you keep looking at. It was really distracting on the bus to work. I was trying to read, but kept looking at my nails instead. Lol. I even had a girl lean over and ask me where I got them done. I feel ridiculously smug right now.


The colour is Zoya Katy, which was part of the 2009 Oh La La collection. Zoya is calling it a magenta, but I don't think that's quite right. I would say that its closer to a deep pink, almost a purple, with a slight purple shimmer to it.
Anyway, it's a fabulous colour. Nothing overly orignal, but great all the same.

No Flash

This one took three coats. But that's because I like to do three very thin coats. Drying time on this one is fast. I then covered it with one coat of Seche Vite so that I can get on with the stamping without wrecking the nail polish.
*TIP* I've found that if you put a quick dry top coat on before stamping, if you mess up the stamp you can take it off with remover without having to redo the whole nail.
I stamped every second nail with Konad template M54 and Konad Special Polish in white. Then on every other nail, I put a light green stone in the corner. It's just like bedazzling your nails.
Please excuse the pre cleanup look of my nails in these photos.

Until next time, have a stupendous day!!!


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  1. beautifull mani !!
    i have a giveaway in my blog come in see if you want :)

  2. Thanks. I'll put it up in my sidebar with the others if you like.