Review - Lime Crime Velvetines (You're going to want/need all of these)

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We all want to be rocking luscious lips, all the time, but any girl who has ever flaunted a bold lip can tell you that wearing a statement colour over any period of time takes work, and good, reliable friends will tell you if your lipstick has travelled into no-mans land.

What if I told you that I have a product that is so pigmented and bright, and stays put for hours and hours. You can rub your face, change and try on clothes, drink and (still carefully) eat without having to worry about it wearing off? No way? Let me blow your mind.

These beauties are Lime Crime Velvetines. If you know your makeup, you would know this cult brand, and would absolutely know about their love for the bright and daring. You may have even heard about these bad boys. Velvetines. Ah, why have you taken so long to be in my life?

These apply like a gloss, but be careful not to use too much, and then dry to a spectacular matte finish. We all know how drying and unforgiving matte lip products can be, but these ones don't feel drying at all. It's like paint, for your lips. Once it's on - it's on!

Red Velvet

Pink Velvet

These are super opaque, you don't need a lot, and best of all - no touch-ups required! If you're like me, you'll keep checking the mirror the first time you wear these because you just can't quite bring yourself to trust a product this bright to just stay where it is supposed to go. Stinking hot day? No worries - still there at the end of the day. Going out for a few drinks with friends? Still there. Enthusiastic making out with a spunky boy - Ha! It's not magic, if you're doing this you're still going to need to check and touch up the colour. And maybe provide some makeup remover for the lucky lad - unless you're into the clown look, there's no judgement here. 

Want to see how they look on the lips? Of course you do! (Lips pics aren't mine - taken from the Makeup and Glow site - but I can assure you that the colours are spot on!)

So, now that you've decided you need these in all the colours - you can get them either directly through Lime Crime if you are in the US, or through the faboosh ladies at Makeup and Glow if you're here in Oz. Of course there are other retailers but I got mine from M&G, but go for what's closest to you.

Lime Crime have been teasing us devotees with three new colours - a deep red, a black and chocolate brown - due out next month. They've cutely names these Goth-a-tines.

So, who wants them? Or already has them? What do you think - do you love them as much as I do?


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  1. I do like the Red but Suedeberry and Pink are most annoying. These 2 colors ball on my lips instantly, making it feel like I have crap loads of dirt on there so I end up wiping it off a couple of hours later. Even with chapstick underneath. The pink is especially bad. I'm trying the Stila all day liquid lipstick next!

  2. Really? I've never seen that happen! I use these on jobs and for photoshoots all the time and I haven't ever had that happen. Do you use a lip liner underneath it? I find having a wax barrier really helps smooth out any imperfections. Let me know how you go with Stila, I'm curious to hear how they wear.

  3. I wanted to try theses for AGESSSS! but they are always sold out :(

  4. Where are you based Ines? I know Lime Crime have Red Velvet in stock, or Makeup & Glow ship worldwide. They currently have Red Velvet and Suedeberry in stock?

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