Finger Paints Psychedelic Pop & Winner of Ulta3 Giveaway

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As promised, here is the winner of my Ulta3 giveaway - MINTY! I've sent through an email and if I don't hear back within 48 hours I will redraw.

This is one of my very few Finger Paints polishes - Psychedelic Pop. I got it in a polish sale ages ago from the incredibly awesome Jess over at Polished Lyrics. Do you follow her blog? You totally should - she's a total sweetheart!

This is a bright Barbie pink creme and while I know that bright pink polishes are hardly a rarity, this is still one awesome polish. Two coats and it's opaque, the texture is smooth although it is a little on the thick side, which is not really all that surprising for a creme polish.  Despite this, it's still totally manageable so long as you apply two thin-ish coats as opposed to one thick coat which will work but won't look as good.

That's it for me today.

Be awesome to each other. 


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  1. I don't have very many Fingerpaints either. I have about three from their Summer collection that was okay. This one is great on you though!

    Thank you again for picking me as the winner. (:

  2. Loved it! Looks like bubblegum :D