Ozotic Elytra 528

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I don't know how many of you guys have seen these yet, but this one of three polishes in the new Ozotic Elytra Collection.

I know that when someone says Ozotic, there is a collective intake of breath all over the world because you guys already know that Ozotic = Awesome. Well prepare yourselves, they've just gotten awesome-er!!!

These are laying glitters that in my opinion, look best over black, but work over other colours too. So what could be better then the multi and duo chrome awesomeness that Ozotic already offers? Multichrome glitters! Seriously!!!!

These glitters are total chameleons. This one in particular looks green in the bottle and on the nail, but shift your hand slightly and its purple, hit it at the right angle with sun, there is a bit of gold there and even a touch of red. The polish is predominantly green/purple though.

I took a bazillion photos since I didn't know how well the colour shift would translate, and I never like to let a good photo go to waste. Click them to enlarge into all their awesome glory.

BTW, this is layered over Illamsqua Boosh which is a fab one coat black in case you are wondering.One layer of 528 over one layer of Boosh.

I adore that an Aussie polish company is creating something that I have never seen before. It's really good to see that we can start trends as well as follow there over here.

These polishes are available at piCture pOlish and guess what? They ship internationally! And cheaply too! Click here to go get your own - you know you want to!

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That's it from me today.

Be awesome to each other.


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