China Glaze Flying Dragon

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Ok, continuing on with random polishes from my "unswatched" pile, this is China Glaze Flying Dragon.

It's a neon that dries to a matte finish and also looks all kinds of fabulous with a glossy top coat too. This is without the t/c.

I don't know if you can see them, but if you click and enlarge the pic, you'll notice that it has neon blue particles scattered throughout the polish. The effect is seriously cool.

I don't see a lot of nail blogs giving this polish a lot of love and I am not really sure why. I mean, sure, it thickens really, really easily but a couple of drops of polish thinner fix that right up.

This is a two coater polish that dries quickly, as we have come to expect of neon polishes.

What are your thoughts on this polish? Or just neons in general?

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That's it from me today.

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. What a gorgeous color! Reminds me of berries.
    I have two neons and I like them, but I don´t wear them very often.
    But I love the matte finish :)

  2. Wow I love this color I want it so much. I have it on my nail polish list. LOL hehehehe

  3. I was never sure if I wanted it or not, and indeed I didn't see it much on blogs either. But it looks fab!

  4. You know, I think there are two versions of this formula. I have one of these and I like wearing it with a matte TC but its not as dark as yours. Mine is much lighter/brighter. Interesting?

  5. I love this color and it's a go to pedi color for me when I'm a little blah with a tc of fairy dust it just brightens my day ^_^

  6. It's part if their core line and I know this is a staple among a lot of bloggers collections. If you google it, you'll see a lot of older hits on other blogs :)

    It's gorgeous!!!!

  7. It looks good on you and your nails are looking awesome!

    I thought I'd love it but I think I was just thinking it should be all amazing and epic and then I was let down when I got it but that could just be my twisted mind not liking purple polish lol.