Christmas Nails And Other News

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Hi Guys!

Hope you all had a fabulous and safe Christmas (or if you don't celebrate Christmas - a great break from work or study) and New Years. Mine was pretty uneventful, just hung out with my family.

Did everyone get lots of presents? I was spoilt by my family as usual, although I didn't get much in the way of makeup or nail polish. Which is kind of funny. My besties did come through with the beauty products that I did receive. I got a nice Lush haul and the Gumby Movie DVD (Thanks Nomes!) and two Illamasqua polishes which I simply adore. Keep your eyes peeled for those. I think I will be putting those under the heading "Why Megs Is One Of My Favourite People Ever!".

I received a massive haul from the States care of the very fabulous Jess over at Polished Lyrics. I got a ton of polishes in the first box along with a Sephora Palette in the first box she sent over and then my very large Sephora order that Jess very generously placed for me since those meanies over at Sephora don't accept Aussie credit cards, nor do they post goods out this way. So a great big High 5 for you Jess!

There will be photos of everything going up shortly, I promise. I still don't have the internet connected at my new place, so have been driving over the other side of the city to my parents place to upload photos every so often. I have actually been staying at their place for the last week, and had bought a big basket of polish to swatch and photograph, but for some reason, my camera has decided to not let my memory card go back into it. So I will have to look at getting that fixed, or perhaps I may even have to cough up for a new camera.

The Christmas and New Year Giveaway has been going so well, that I have another prize to add into the mix. The very generous people over at UNT Skincare are going to send the winner a pack of 6 polishes from their 2010 Winter/ Fall collection. How awesome is that? I have some of their polishes coming up soon to review, and let me tell you - if you happen to be the lucky winner of my Giveaway, you will not be disappointed! As for the rest of their collection - you can check them out here.

I think that is just about all I needed to mention today. I will wrap this long winded post up with some pictures of my Christmas Nails. I used China Glaze Snow, Mommy Kissing Santa and Jolly Holly - all from the 2010 Holiday Collection.

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. Gorgeous combination!! I think I just had Perplex on for Christmas, LOL ... not too festive ^.^

  2. Love it, very creative :)

    Sounds like you had a great christmas. Happy New Year to you.


  3. I heart your Christmas mani! Can't wait to see all of your goodies ~

  4. Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, Bec!!! :D

    Sorry about your internet connection and your camera,but I hope they'll all be ok soon, so you'll be able to post those swatches *___*

    And I absolutely loved your Christmas nails, awesome combination!

  5. Hi Erin,

    Polish can be as festive as you make it. I quite like Perplex.


  6. Exciting, more additions to the giveaway! I would love a picture of all of the prizes together so I can post your giveaway on my blog!