Nubar Sparkles Collection

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I can't believe I haven't posted these yet. I thought I had, but it would seem that this is one of those extremely rare occasions when I am wrong.
I love these polishes. Sparkly, glittery goodness. I don't have all of the collection though, I am missing Star Sparkle (the silver glitter), Meadow Sparkle (the light green) and Night Sparkle (the dark blue). I def want Night Sparkle, it wasn't available when I got these, but the other two I passed on because they didn't seem overly awesome.

Fire Sparkle

This is a rich fiery red glitter in a sheer red base. It's a nice polish, but it doesn't come close to my beloved Ruby Pumps. It's not meant to be similar to Ruby Pumps or anything like it. This is two coats.

Hyacinth Sparkle

Oh man do I love this polish, and I don't even like purple all that much. It's a very vibrant lavender glitter in a clear (I think) base. It can be a little patchy but builds up well. I thought it might be a fairly muted colour, but it's totally not.

Petunia Sparkle

My photos don't come close to capturing the awesomeness of this polish. It's a magenta-ish colour. Magenta on crack. That's what it is. I am wearing this as a pedi right now. So, so pretty.

Sky Sparkle

Killer turquoise blue glitter in a clear base. This one is a little less dense then the others, so you may need a fair few coats or layer over a matching opaque base coat. Either way, a colour you don't see every day in glitter. Totally vibrant, totally awesome.

Violet Sparkle

Holy damn. This is the best glitter polish. Ever. Yep, ever. It's bright, it's bold, it's freaking awesome! If you only get one polish from the collection, this is the one you want.
The thing about the Sparkle Collection is that like all glitter polishes, they dry with a rough finish, so you may need to apply a couple of layers of thick topcoat to even them out. I didn't use topcoat in these pics, they were mostly still wet when I took the photos, but you can see that they start to dull as they dry, but once you add a topcoat, you're back to crazy, vibrant glitter.
Another tip, give your nails time to dry between coats otherwise you end up with bald patches like I did (but didn't notice til I was editing).
I like these colours for pedis because you can wear them for ages without chipping, this polish will not come off your toes unless you (a) sandblast it off, (b) apply lots of nail polish remover or (c) wear peep toe shoes to work which rub at your toes, in which case it comes off easily.
I also added two more glitters from Nubar the I have.

Teal Glitter

This one is pretty thin, as you can see from the pics, so you may need a few coats or layer over a similar shade base. It's a pretty colour and looks good in the sun.


This one is from the Royal Gems Collection. I don't have any others from that collection, any recommendations? The glitter in this one looks like the stuff you'd see in a snow globe. You know, it twinkles all different colours? The base on this one is a little weird, not quite sheer, but a little murky? Milky even? This would look good layered or you could build it up with a few coats and wear on it's own.

Just to let you guys know, it's unlikely I will have a chance to post tomorrow or Monday as I am headed to Sydney for a long weekend. I promise an awesome post detailing my Sydney shenanigans when I get back.

Please make sure you have entered my MAC giveaway.

That's it from me today.

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. They are all so pretty! I love glittery polish.
    I am a new follower of your blog. Could you check out my blog and follow back if you lilke?

  2. Hi Leslie,

    Of course. I'll pop over now.


  3. Petunia Sparkles is a constant pedicure for me....I cant bear to change it cause I love it too much!

  4. Hi Konad-licious,

    I know what you mean. I love it when you're outside in the sun and you look down at your toes and BAM! Sparkly awesomeness.


  5. I have just got this collection plus Tiara, I love glitter!

    Snap, I am wearing Petunia Sparkles on my toes now as well.

  6. I have to say, I think these Nubars looked better in their bottles than on the nail to me. In the bottle they looked like they had so much potential, but they weren't nearly as shimmery and glittery as I would have hoped.

  7. Glitter overload!
    They are so so pretty :)
    I think, they must be hard to remove from all the glitter?

  8. Wow!!! I like the hyacinth sparkle and teal glitter. I want to have them too. Just sad that these are not readily available here in my country.....Anyways, I'll find a way to have them. I love glitters.... The sky sparkle, I feel that I have the same polish but different brand....will re-check later.

  9. Hi Hands on Color,

    Petunia Sparkles seems to be the pedi colour of choice for many. Lol. Probs because it is awesome. It's a pretty awesome collection. The glitters are quite dense for the most part.


  10. Hi Joan,

    These polishes have all the glitter you could ever want. As mentioned earlier, I did these swatches without TC, so they start to dull a little as they dry. Then you add TC and it's glossy and crazy sparkly. Will have to do some more swatches with top coats to show how it looks.


  11. Hi Frankie,

    They are indeed. I do like the "Glitter Method" which involved soaking some makeup remover pads in acetone and wrap them around the nails, then cover the whole finger with Aluminium foil and let it sit for 15mins, then when you remove the cotton pads, the polish should be on them. Ta-da, no painful glitter clean up. I know I personally have spent longer then 15 mins trying to remove stubborn glitter.


  12. Hi Cheeryl Ann,

    Nubar is a pain to get here too. I buy mine from Mai and Jais Superstore on Ebay, they have really good deals and ship just about anywhere. There is a link for them on the sidebar under "E-tailers I Love". You shoudl check them out.


  13. All these polishes look awesome! x

  14. Hi, Everyone!

    I have Hyacinth Sparkles. It is like a deeper purple in the bottle but when it is on, it becomes a rare and delectable medium, sparkly lavender, a very rare color. I totally love it. I bought another color a bit like it today--Nicole's One Less Lonely Glitter. I did not realize at the time that they were similar. I have not put on the One Less Lonely Glitter yet, but after comparing paper swatches, I KNOW Hyacinth Sparkles will be the winner. One Less Lonely Glitter is much thinner and he glitter is rougher.

    If anyone can tell me of a dense, sparkly polish, with a formula like Hyacinth Sparkles, but of a PALE bright lavender, like Mecca Diamond (if you Google it, you will see it right away), I would be thrilled. I would also like a dense, glitter pale baby pink.

    Hopefully, someone can, so I will check back from time to time to see if there is a response.