Color Club Yacht Club Collection

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Here are some more swatches from my polish stash. This time I have the complete Yacht Club Collection by Color Club.

I am really sorry about the smudgy fingerprints on the bottles, I only noticed them when I was editing the photos, I'll take more care to get rid of these in the future before I take the photos.

These photos are all taken with flash, because I was really rainy and dreary when I took these pics. The shades are slightly darker in real life, but not by much.

This is a pinky purple. Color Club describes it as a bright fuchsia creme. I can see that. It's an awesome colour. Applies well and dries fairly fast. 3 coats.

This one is a tricky one to label. It looks like a tomato red in some lights, sometimes it even looks a little bit like a darker coral shade. I'm gonna call it a coral-y, red-y, orange-y pink. Yep. That about describes it. Color Club calls it a very summery orange creme. Applies well and dries fairly fast. 3 coats.

Yachty Yachty Yada
Color Club calls this one a bubblegum pink creme. I'll agree with that. It's a cute colour. I don't have much in the way of pastel looking polishes, so this is a first for me. It's quite a sophisticated colour and what I would call work appropriate (for other people. I wear all kinds of crazy to work). Applies well and dries fairly fast. 3 coats.

Naughtycal Navy
This one is a killer navy blue creme. It's a fabulous colour. I really like it. I am a sucker for dark colours though. I have no complaints with this one at all. Applies well and dries fairly fast. 3 coats.
Coastal Creme
I've shown you this one before with my Snow White Mani. However, it looked like a pastel pink in those pics. This is a much better indication of what colour it really is. I had application problems with this one. It's a little thick, even with a bit of thinner in it, and a little hard to maneuver around. But if you can get it right, the effort is worth it for a classic off white colour.
Color Club is calling this one a nude creme shade. Drying time a little slow because you need fairly thick coats for even coverage. 3 coats.

Regatta Red
This is a bright pinky-red. Pretty colour, but nothing out of the ordinary. Color Club describes this polish as a cherry red creme. That's pretty spot on. Applies well and dries fairly fast. 3 coats.
So that is the Colour Club Yacht Club Collection. A solid collection of very wearable colours over all. Worth the money in my opinion. (What you pay in the USA that is, not the $57 you would have to pay to get it here. )
My favourites of the collection? Probably Sexsea. It's a totally unique colour as far as I know. And stunning. I also am quite partial to Naughtycal Navy. To tell you the truth, I can't really say there are any duds in this whole collection. It's a winner.
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That's it from me.
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  1. OMG I love these colours...especially the first one and the navy one. Where do u buy these?

  2. Hi Funny Face,

    You are super quick off the mark! I only just posted this! Lol.

    I have some really lovely friends in the states who get me things I can't access from time to time.

    I think you can buy these from Head2Toe Beauty. Although it looks like they are out of Coastal Creme. I think they ship worldwide. Here's the link.

    You can also try 8ty8 Beauty Supplies.


  3. Hi Twister,

    It's a pretty awesome colour. I have some dark blues, but they all have shimmer to them. It's nice to see a dark blue creme.


  4. I have had a couple of these, and they are great just put a couple coats on your great for a month!

  5. Hi Shelby,

    Now that is great staying power. I generally change my polish every day or every second day, so I don't really know much about the longevity of polish. I do know that if it chips before I take it off, that's some dodgy quality.


  6. Hi Melanie,

    Absolutely. I'll pop over to your blog in a sec.


  7. Naughtycal Navy is what dreams are made from. For real. :D

    Thanks for checking out my blog sweets~


  8. Hi Frankie,

    It's pretty drool worthy I think, and application is a dream, so this one is a winner all round I think.

    And no problem, it's an awesome blog.