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As promised, here is part of the BYS Chrome collection. I don't have them all, I only got the colours that intrigued me. There are 10 in the whole collection, however I only picked up four. You can see the other colours here.

First up let me warn you, these are messy paint and run swatches. Most of them weren't dry when the photos were taken and it was late afternoon and I managed to get some sun for only one of them. So I will update the post when I have some time for some sunlight photos of the polishes. For now, artificial light will have to do.

OK lets get to it. This is Yabba Dabba Blue.

Feel the Fever

Thank God Its Friday

Sahara Sands

That last picture of Sahara Sands is the one with last of the sun for the day. Pretty isn't it? I didn't think much of it until I saw it in the sun, which is why I have been so disappointed that it has been so dull and overcast the next few days. I think you really need sunlight to do these polishes justice.
All were two coaters except Sahara Sands which was a three, just to even it out.
The polish applied smoothly and gave me no trouble at all. The problems began when I tried to remove it for the next swatch. As it turns out, BYS polishes do not like the nail polish remover I use that has proved itself to be awesome against every other brand. Luckily, I had a BYS remover that I keep as a backup, but am not a fan of as it runs the colour into your fingers and knuckles, which we all know is super annoying. With the same brand remover it came of easily even though I had to clean up my skin with the other one. So my recommendation is that if you are going to buy these polishes, you spring for the remover too because it will make your life so much easier.

All in all, I have been pleasantly surprised by BYS in the last few months, for a semi cheapie Aussie brand, they have been keeping an eye on what's popular overseas and carrying metallics, chromes and mattes now. They also have a pretty cool range of nail art colours as well as decals to stick on you nails, which I will cover later on.

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. Beautiful! I'm really loving Chromes and metallics lately :)

  2. I know what you mean. I've also ordered my first holo polishes, so I am pretty excited to try them out. I think maybe its because it's shiny. I've always been attracted to shiny and glittery things and often wonder if I was a crow in a past life.