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So it seems that OPI realised that they were onto a winner with their shatter polishes and have decided to launch a complete range of them, crack-heads rejoice! (To clarify, the nail polish ones, not drugs. Drugs are bad.)
So here is what you have to look forward to –

White Shatter offers a new dimension to nail design, the cracked
pattern effect, similar to a snow leopard in appearance.

Red Shatter for a more dramatic effect that appears like a
tropical sunset.
Blue Shatter a bold royal blue shade offers a nautical look.
Navy Shatter this dark navy blue top coat is similar to black
shatter with a bit more of an edge.
Turquoise Shatter a gorgeous shade of shimmery turquoise creates an
aquatic theme on the nails.
Silver Shatter adds a sparkling dimension to nails that really pop
and shimmer (released as part of the Pirates of the Caribbean Collection).

Are you likely to pick up this collection? Who am I kidding, of course you are going to.What colours are you leaning towards? I personally and loving the sounds of....well all of them really. I want them all!

These will be available for the fine people of Australia from the 1st May at David Jones, and I imagine you lucky Americans will have access to them before we do. They will retail here for $19.95 per bottle.

Be awesome to each other and have an awesome weekend.


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  1. LOL @ the snow leopard thing!! I can't with OPI's press release makers! I read that over and over again, like what are they talking about? White crackle looks nothing like a snow leopard. You know they were just trying to come up with something to say and that's what popped into their heads.
    Although I kind of want to do a snow leopard themed mani now.

  2. Hi Chaos,

    I know what you mean, I was reading that thinking the whole time that I hope people realise that I didn't write that line. Although now you've said it, I'd be intrigued to see what you can come up with that is snow leopard inspired.


  3. I must say I've never felt so excited about a shatter, but I really can't wait to see swatches of the Turquoise!

  4. I can't wait to see the silver shatter - metallics are my thing :)

  5. i'm really looking forward to the blue shatters. they're so expensive over there.

  6. Hey its Laura Beth from a blog you follow "makeup on mind" Someone has broken into my account and is impersonating me. I have no access to my account anymore. It stinks that blogger is not taking action. So for the safety of your blog and email address please remove yourself from this blog asap!

    xox Laura Beth