Sneak Peek - Nubar Spring Collection

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This is another collection of pastels. I believe you can get this collection now on the Nubar site. It's on sale at the moment for $40 instead of the usual $46.

Take a leisurely stroll down the Earthen path through The Spring Garden, the scent of Pink Lily in the air. The fresh colors of early Spring abound, with the soft green of the Baby Sprout, gentle shade of Blue Hydrangea, delicate Yellow Primrose, silky Purple Aster, fresh White Peony, and the lively Honeysuckle, each enhanced with the elegant sparkle of Dewdrop.

Hopefully I'll be back later.

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  1. it looks similar to OPI pirates collection

  2. Hmmm the blue color may be what brings me to buy my first bottle from this brand.