MAC Halloween Face Chart - Madame Mask

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  1. Use Brush #188 to prep and perfect skin with Prep + Prime Skin.

  2. Use Brush #191 to apply Chromacake in Pure White to the entire face, including the neck area.

  3. Lightly sketch the “wave” design on the face with Fascinating Eye Kohl.

  4. Outline and shade the design details with Smolder Eye Kohl and Blacktrack Fluidline, using Brush #212.

  5. Use Brush #217 to apply Carbon Eye Shadow over the design in order to set with a matte finish.

  6. Use Brush #208 and Blacktrack Fluidline to elongate and define eyes. Follow by using Brush #239 to blend Carbon Eye Shadow over both eyelids.

  7. Apply Lash #36 on the upper lashline and Lash #33 on the lower lashes to open up eyes.

  8. Define the lip with Blacktrack Fluidline.

Lightful Foaming Cream Cleanser
Studio Moisture Fix Lotion
Prep+Prime Skin
Chromacake - Pure White (PRO)
Eye Kohl - Fascinating

Eye Kohl - Smolder
Eye Shadow - Carbon
Fluidline - Blacktrack

Prep + Prime Lip
Lipstick - Black Knight (Style Black Collection)


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  1. That one looks amazing! O__O If we had halloween in here, I'd surely want to try it out ^__^

    *pokes* I answered you mail already ^__^

  2. Hi Karina,

    I'm sorry, crazy busy again, will try reply tonight. You should try it out anyway, just for the hell of it! I think I am going to attempt the zebra one on one of my friends, just cause I can.


  3. It's no problem ^__^ I was just telling so you'd be able to warn me if you didn't receive it :)

    Maybe I will, I really liked it *___*

    *lol* Don't forget to take a picture! :D

  4. Just love it!!!!!
    It´s a pity that here in Spain Halloween is not so popular as in US. I still remember my last Halloween in US and was so great!!!!!!
    BTW, you have a gift on my blog cause i just love yours!!!!

  5. This is very interesting.. and a li'l over whelming for a beginner like me :P

  6. Cool! But i cant even put on eyeliner!
    Advice please!?