MAC Halloween Face Chart - Exotic Zea/ Zebra

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I am going to try add pics of people wearing the design were possible, so check back on some of the others to see.
I think this is my favourite I have come across, and it looks pretty easy to boot.


1. By crushing Gesso eye shadow mixed in with Eye Liner Mixing Medium, you can paint your face white. Another option is to use white Paintstick from the M·A·C PRO line.

2. It is important to have references of zebra stripes handy to study the pattern. I used Blacktrack Fluidline with a #210 brush to create the pattern of zebra on my models face.

3. Doubling up on #37 lashes can create a dow eyed animalistic eye.

4. Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing powder will seal the deal.

Green Gel Cleanser
Studio Moisture Cream
Prep+Prime Skin
Face & Body
Select Moistureblend
Studio Sculpt Concealer
Eye Shadow - Gesso & Eye Liner
Mixing Medium
Prep+Prime Transparent Finishing powder

Fluidline - Blacktrack
Eye Kohl - Fascinating
Penultimate Liner
Eye Shadow - Carbon, Vanilla
Plushlash - Plushblack

Lip conditioner mix with Powerpoint Eye Pencil - Guilded White
Lipstick - Pretty Please, Black Knight (Style Black Collection)


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