IMATS - Making an Artwork out of your Make-up

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I thought this was so awesome that it deserved its own post. On Saturday at the Sydney IMATS, I sat in on Nicole Thompson's demonstration.

Nicole is a senior MAC makeup artist who specialises in body art and high fashion make up design. Her style is best described as experimental. Her talk was called "Making an Artwork out of your Make-up". She transformed two ladies into literal works of art. She drew inspiration from the below artists and artworks -

Pablo Picasso - Dora Maar Eu Chat

Tamara De Lempika

She provided the audience with a folder chock full of helpful info including the below face charts.

And the results?

Amazing right? I love the way that she made the second girl, the Tamara De Lempicka inspired one look two dimensional. All with makeup!
In case you are interested, here is a list of products Nicole used to create each look.

Picasso Inspired

  • Strobe Lotion
  • Face & Body Foundation
  • Studio Finish Concealer
  • Prep and Prime Loos Transparent Finishing Powder

  • Blooz and Smolder Eye Kohl
  • Marine Ultra Chomagraphic Pencil
  • Knight Divine, Deep Truth, Freshwater, Carbon and Crystal Avalanche Shadows
  • Clear Sky Blue, White, Yellow, Landscape Green and Black Chromacake
  • Fix+

  • Groundwork Paintpot
  • Lovelorn Lipstick
  • Luna, Hush, Pearl and Shell Cream Colour Bases

  • Hush and Pearl Cream Colour Bases
  • Landscape Green Chromagraphic Pencil and Paintstick
  • Clear Lip Gloss
  • Golden Lemon Pigment

Tamara De Lempicka Inspired
  • Fix+
  • Face & Body Foundation
  • Studio Finish Concealer, Moisturecover Concealer
  • Mineralize Natural Powder
  • White Full Coverage Foundation
  • Groundwork Paintpot and other natural shades
  • Brown Script, Sketch Corduroy and Carbon Shadows
  • Teddy and Prunella Eye Kohls
  • Blacktrack Fluidline
  • Prep and Prime Lash
  • Zoom Black Mascara
  • NC15/NW20 Chromagraphic Pencils
  • White and Naked Pigments
  • Groundwork Paintpot and other natural shades
  • Luna, Hush, Pearl, Mid Tone Sepia and Shell Cream Colour Bases
  • Bone Beige Sculpt Powder
  • Brown Paintstick
  • Twinks, Corduroy Eyeshadows
  • Red Electric Pigment

So what is your verdict on the living artwork looks? Win or not?

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That's it for today.

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. WOW. So amazing! Can you imagine being that talented? What a gift. Glad you had so much fun at IMATS. I really cannot wait to go!!

  2. Hi Alicia,

    I know, it's crazy how talented these people are. I can't even imagine ever being able to do something like that. My brain just isn't wired to work that way.

    It was such a blast, one thing I can recommend is that you go with someone who has the same level in interest in what you are seeing as you do as you may feel compelled to leave before you want to. It's faciniating to me, but I understand this stuff isn't for everyone.


  3. Hi Twister,

    It really is. I can totally picture looks like this in high end fashion shoots.


  4. Oh wow that second look is absolutely amazing- love how she looks exactly like out o an oil painting..

  5. Hi Mehak,

    It's amazing how talented Nicole is. It was amazing to watch her do it too. She did both looks in less then an hour.


  6. PWHOAR!

    That is true skill. Also makes me want to wear green lipstick XD

  7. Hi Frankie,

    It totally is. And I reckon you could rock some green lippie...


  8. Hi Leslie,

    It's pretty cool isn't it?


  9. Stunning! I love living art work ♥
    She seems to be very talented!! x