China Glaze 2010 Holiday Collection Sneak Peek!

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China Glaze has released pictures of their upcoming Christmas Collection. What do you think?


Shimmery sheer white.

Cheers to You

Shimmery tinsel-like silver.

Jingle Bells

Nudish, champagne shimmer.

Naughty and Nice

Deep, dark wine shade.

Phat Santa

Luscious red creme.

Mistletoe Kisses

Green glitter! (Might be similar to Nubar Meadow Sparkle? Not sure)

Ruby Deer

Bright creamy red.

Mrs Claus

Fun, glittery red.

Little Drummer Boy

Navy shimmer.

Jolly Holly

Forest green shimmer.

Mommy Kissing Santa

Deep cherry-red shimmer. (Possible dupe for Zoya Isla?)

Sugar Plums

Plum shimmer with microglitter.

Party Hearty

Flecks of green, gold and red glitter.

Midnight Kiss

Shiny gold shimmer.


Sheer shimmery white. (Looks very similar to Snow, maybe even the same photo? Maybe they posted the wrong photo for one of them?)

Peace on Earth
Olive toned green shimmer.

***All pictures from China Glaze***
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Will be back a little later with some more new releases.
Be awesome to each other.


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  1. Some of these are so going on my wishlist =0)

  2. LOVE the Christmas collection!!


    And yes, i entered your giveaway;)

  3. I think some of them are kind of throwaways...I was hoping for way more with a name like Phat Santa.

    But, as always, they came up with some gems. My initial favorites are Mistletoe Kisses, Party Hearty, Sugar Plums (although it looks a little lumpy :/, and Peace on Earth.
    Drummer Boy and Holly Jolly are like...maybes.
    And if Mommy Kissing Santa does turn out to be a dupe for Zoya Isla, I'll put that on the list too, because I've been wanting Isla.

    But I'm talking too much, let me be silent. Thanks so much for posting this! ^_^

  4. Hi Mallory,

    It's a decent collection. Some are a bit so-so, but then there are some - LOVE!
    And I'm glad you entered! You have to be in it to win it.


  5. Hi Chaos,

    Silence in totally overated, as you many know, I get pretty chatty in the comments section.

    I love the name Phat Santa, but the polish isn't really anything special. My Favs are probs Little Drummer Boy, Holly Jolly and's to hard to narrow down.

    I have Isla Zoya, it's my fav red shimmer ever.

    And you are extremely welcome.


  6. Wow there are so many I like. Im not usually a fan of sparkly polishes but there are so many I like here. Thanks for the pics!

  7. Hey Alicia,

    Even if you aren't a fan of the sparkles, it wouldn't be christmas and certainly not a christmas collection without them.


  8. wow..look so great.. i love the jolly holy & peace on earth most...

  9. Hi Thriszha,

    Good choices, I concur.


  10. I like Jingle Bells & Mrs. Clause!

  11. OH I am so loving Mrs Claus, Mistletoe Kisses and Party Hearty! They would love gorgeous together and so christmassy! I love Christmas! Do you know where I can get them from etailers?

  12. Wowwwwww!!! lovely colors!!
    I especially like "Cheers to you" and "Ruby Deer"


  13. Lovin Mistletoe Kisses, Mrs. Claus and Party Hearty!

  14. Hi Leslie,

    I feel like I have seen Mrs Claus or something very, very similar before, I just cannot think of it and it is really bugging me.


  15. Hi LaDamaBianca,

    They are fabulous and very festive colours, however I cannot take credit for the nails, although I must admit they have long nail beds similar to mine, they are not my nails in the pictures. These pics are from China Glaze.


  16. Hi Cheryl,

    I don't believe they are available yet, this was just a bit of a sneak peek to get you all salivating a little. I will keep you updated as to the release date as soon as I know anything.


  17. Hi Salisha,

    Ruby Deer is striking me as a very awesome red. I love it, it's a perfect, creamy, bright red. Cheers to You looks like it would be awesome for stamping!


  18. Hi Freshie,

    The more I look at it, the more Party Hearty looks like the seasoning on BBQ Shapes biscuits. Haha. Do you guys have them over there? If not, google it and you will see what I mean.


  19. I can't wait for these to come out. I'll let you know when we get em!

  20. Hi Jess!

    Fabulous. You are a gem!


  21. I love it, it's a perfect, creamy, bright red. Cheers to You looks like it would be awesome for stamping!