First Swap Package - and it's a monster!

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I was contacted on MUA a while back by Jessica from Polished Lyrics (go check it out) about doing a swap for some cracking polishes. We kept back and forwards for a while and it turned into a massive buy/trade. It was awesome. So so awesome. My package from Jessica showed up and when I saw the box I was super excited. It was HUGE! I really should have taken a photo of the box. I did take photos of the contents. Lots of photos. So be prepared for lots of pics of all my new pretties.

First up, I'll thought I'd show you everything together so you can get an idea of why I so happy right now. It's like an early birthday present. My birthday is a couple of weeks away (Aug 21) so this was nicely timed. Did you count how many polishes there are there? 52! Yep, 52.

She got me the Color Club Poptastic Collection which I have wanted forever.

L-R - Almost Famous, Wham! Pow!, Poptastic, Warhol, Pucci-licious, Twiggie, Chelsea Girl

And the Yacht Club Collection.

L-R - Regatta Red, Coastal Creme, Naughtycal Navy, Yachty Yachty Yada, Sexsea, Overboard, Stuck on You Base Coat

And then heaps of random ones.

Here are the Color Club polishes -

Top L-R - Under the Mistletoe, Object of Envy, Sultry Diva, Sex Symbol, Art of Seduction, Femme Fatale, Unknown
Bottom L-R - All unknown except the middle bottle - True Passion

And the OPIs -

L-R - Canadian Maple Leaf, Kangarooby, St Petersburgundy

My very first Finger Paints polishes -

L-R - Candy Cane Shimmer, Chroma Coral, Lilac Love, Psychedelic Pop, Snowman's Scarf

Some more China Glaze for my collection -

L-R - Cruisin, 5 Golden Rings, Tinsel, Unplugged

Some Sally Hansens to add to my lonely single polish -

L-R - Hi Res, Three D, Disco Ball, Lime Lights, VIP Pink, Sonor

And finally, an assortment of polishes, most of which are firsts for me -

L-R - Piggy Polish Easy Tiger, Goldie Purple, Sinful Colors What's Your Name?, Barielle Shades Hidden Hideaway, Zoya Suvi, Wet n Wild Wild Orchid

Not bad hey? I love them. Each and every single one. Lol. Plenty of swatches to look forward to between this and my previous Nubar haul. That's over 70 new polishes in less then 2 weeks! I got a little over excited last night and did a mani using three of the Poptastic colours. I'm excited to show it to you. Can you guess which three I used?

What's your fav polish from this massive haul? I honestly can't choose. They are all amazing. Thank you so much Jessica, you are awesome. We must do this again sometime.

This experience was awesome. It's hard to put so much trust in someone you have never met over the other side of the world. But working together with Jessica made me realise just how many lovely people there are out there in the bloggosphere. She went to great lengths to get me the Poptastic polishes and for that I am so grateful. I had fun, got some awesome new polishes and most importantly made a new friend.

Ok, so I know that was a bit of a monster post. Lol. Just a reminded that if you haven't entered already, my mineral makeup giveaway ends soon. It is open internationally and is a good opportunity to try something you might not otherwise get the chance to try. You can enter by clicking here - it's pretty easy.

That's about it from me. Be awesome to each other.


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  1. Hi Eva,

    I really like the look of it from the bottle. I'll be sure to try it out soon.


  2. Wow, that's a haul! Reminds me of my first Transdesign haul!
    Swaps are great but postage is a killer. That must have cost Jessica a FORTUNE! My last swap box to the USA cost me $56...I nearly died. I got some good things back in return tho, swaps are addictive!
    Carli, a fellow Gumleaf,

  3. Postage is a killer. Because I wanted to buy some of here old polishes in addition to what we had worked out to trade, I paid the postage. It was around $40. Crazy right?


  4. Hi Tara,

    Thanks, I'm very happy with it.


  5. That's one monster of a swap! Enjoy your new goodies :)

  6. That looks so great,you got really beautiful nail polishes, I hope you make reviews and swatches soon!!! :D xoxo

  7. Im so glad you love everything and everything made it safely! I'm so glad I got to harass you about a swap and turned into something pretty amazing! Thank you for trusting me and getting to know me! I appreciate that :) You're a doll and I'm thankful to have made my first aussie friend with someone as wonderful as you :) Damnit I should have gave you money for shipping, I completely spaced, we were talking for so long and working everything out gagh! Did you get my email today?

  8. Hi Jess,

    I did indeed get your email, when I finally checked it about half an hour ago. I am glad you like the couple of extra polishes I chucked in. And don't worry about postage. No biggie at all. Awww, your comment makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. I would love to see the black glitter on. How are the Glitter Gals and how did you go with the cracking polishes when you got to school?


  9. Strawberry Princess,

    I will. I promise!


  10. Wow what an amazing swap!!!!! I love all the goodies you got. I hope you enjoy them!

  11. Hi Steph!

    I love them too. I think some of my Color Clubs that I don't know the names of were on your blog recently. I saw them and thought Poo and Chocolate Milk, as you so nicely renamed them. Lol. I had the giggles big time.


  12. Wow, great swap! Those polishes look amazing, looking forward to see the swatches! x

  13. Hi Jonna,

    They are all amazing! I'm looking forward to seeing them too, lol.