Water Marbling - Fail!

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So it would seem that water marbling is a lot harder then it looks. Mine turned out dismally. It was messy and turned out nasty. I will give it another go but maybe not anytime soon.

I tried to marble BYS chrome colours Yabba Dabba Blue and Thank God It's Friday. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.


There were bubbles under the polish caused by air (I think) and the polish itself came on the nail very thinly, while it tended to clump on the tips of the nails. Any pointers from anyone out there who has had reasonable success with this technique? Perhaps I should have used a white base coat?

I think that it had the potential to be awesome, but I simply need more practice. Lol.

So that's it for now. I'll have some swatches for BYS Chrome up in the next day or so. I also have a couple of bottles from the Orly Once Upon a Time collection and all of the Foil FX collection due to show up this week, which I am super excited about.

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. To be honest that's better than anything I could do. Marbling does sound challenging. The colors you used look awesome. I'm sure you'll be great at in no time.

  2. Hi,

    That's very kind of you. I will try again eventually, but for now I think I will store in the too hard basket.
    BTW, I love your blog, I'd been reading for a while, but never got around to following!


  3. You said that you failed but i really love it
    the colour look so cute and simple remind me of the sea

  4. Hi Shaim,

    I can kinda see where you are coming from with the sea comment. I liked the colours too. And I'm glad you liked it, dodginess and all. :)