A Few Of My Favourite Things - Part 1

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Raindrops on roses and whiskers on kittens
Bright copper kettle and warm woolen mittens
Brown paper packages tied up with string
These are a few of my favourite things

That's what runs thought my head every time I read the title of this post. And I'd be willing to put good money of it being stuck in yours now. Sorry about that.

And as much fun as kettles and kittens are, today I am talking about my favourite skincare products. These are the things I use daily and they work wonders.
I have always had fairly clear skin and contribute that mostly to the fact that I drink around three litres of water a day.
I have been known to be a bit lazy in the skin care department, and not cleanse for a large chunk of time.
But then I go back to following my normal routine and can't remember why I thought it was a good idea to not use the products.

Before we start, I want to let you know that I have combination type skin, which I am told is fairly common. So while these products work for me, it's always good to go to a dermatologist to find out for sure what your individual needs are.

I got hooked on Dermalogica products after getting a facial done and having my skin feel like it had never felt before. I felt like I was glowing. It was awesome.
So I stocked up. Sure the products aren't cheap, but you don't use much and they last a long time. I think the last time I bought any of these products was over a year ago.
I spent years switching cleansers, toners, exfoliators, moisturisers. I think I've tried most readily available brands from Garnier to Clean and Clear, Nutrimetics to Neutrogena. I've tried them all to varying degrees of success ranging from pretty good to "get that away from me" terrible.
I should point out I'm not affiliated with Dermalogica in any way, I honestly really love their products. If you get a chance to try them, I really recommend that you give them a go.

First in my routine is the Special Cleansing Gel. This stuff is a really concentrated gel, so you only need a tiny amount. Something around the size of a 5 cent piece would do the trick. It is a soap free cleanser that is also doesn't contain artificial fragrances or colours. It is quite literally a clear gel that doesn't have any smell to it. The 250ml bottle retails between $40-$50, but like I said, it's something you won't have to buy often. I try to use this every day, but honestly it's more like 3 times a week.

Then I follow this up with Skin Prep Scrub, which is by far the best exfoliator I have ever come across. The think I like about this product is that the part that does the exfoliating is finely granulated corn cob meal. So it's rough enough to exfoliate, but also super gentle on the skin. My skin feels silky after using this. I love it! This one also does not contain artificial colours and fragrance. Again, you only need a tiny amount. Its recommended that this is used 2-3 times a weeks, but for me it is more likely to be once a week.

I tend to do this routine at night time before going to bed, so I after all that I apply the Skin Smoothing Cream which is a medium weight moisturiser. This is super-hydrating, so it is really good to apply after a shower. I don't like heavy moisturisers at all and this is a bit thicker then what I use on a daily basis, so I use this one for night time. Again, there are no artificial colours or fragrances.

Last, but not least, is my all over body moisturiser. This is The Ultimate Body Hydration Moisturiser with Mango and Witch Hazel by Brazilian Beauty. This one can be a bit hard to track down as you can only buy them in Brazilian Beauty salons here (I just tried Googling, but no luck). But again, I love it. Its a little runnier then most moisturisers but it absorbs quickly and smells wonderful as an added bonus. I can't remember exactly how much this one cost, but I think it was around the $20-$30 mark. This one is a really good one to use after waxing in my opinion.

Be awesome to each other.


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