My Favourite Product - Brow Edition- with Elise Kate Makeup Artist!

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Elise is a fellow MUA and a good friend of mine - you can check out her work and find out more about her here and here. She's kindly offered to take the reins and give you guys the downlow on her favourite brow products. Take it away Elise...

My brows have to be my favourite facial feature. I was gifted with pretty much perfect brows. Obviously I have to maintain them like everyone else but keeping them shaped and groomed has become like an obsession to me. I just can’t live with untidy brows.

When going out, filling in my brows is a must. For this I have two go to products, the first being Benefit’s Instant Brow Pencil in Medium. This dual ended pencil is amazing. The product literally glides right on and the pigmentation pay out it great. All I have to do is simply apply the pencil in small flicks to keep it looking natural and then run the brow comb through to blend any harsh looking lines. The only down side to this product is the price. While I love this product, forking out $39 for a brow pencil is slightly insane.

My second go to product is a fraction cheaper but has multiple uses. If I’m going for a softer look with my brows I tend to fill them in with eyeshadow. My go-to shadow is MAC’s Embark. This shadow is a beautiful dark matte brown. I simply apply it by running a small amount of the product through my brows with an angled brush. If I find that the product isn’t blending as well as I’d like it to, I run a brow comb through a couple of times.

At $32 the MAC eyeshadow is better value for money, especially as Embark is a great crease colour.
When buying a brow product remember that it is better to match the colour to your eyebrows than your hair colour. This will give your brows a more natural look. And remember if in doubt there is always someone at the counter willing to assist you.

Here are some before and after pictures. I'm sure we all agree that a bit of colour and definition goes a long way and makes a big difference right?

Thanks Elise! I think we'll wrap up "Brow Week" with a in depth how to? Is that something you guys want to see?


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