Zoya Suvi

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Mondays suck - we all know that so I decided to make it a little better by  posting an awesome green polish. This is Zoya Suvi.

Three coats of awesomeness. This is a slightly dark forest green. The first coat is quite patchy, then the second evens it out, but is still sheer, so three coats is necessary for this polish.

It was released as part of the Downtown Collection in 2007. I also have Indigo from this collection and I adore it. I've seen swatches from the collection and I pretty much want them all.

So, that's Monday down for another week. It went relatively quickly without too many dramas. So that's always good. I was pondering what you guys might want as the prize for my next giveaway. Do you want nail polish? Makeup? I've got Benefit Justine Case Kits and BYS Animal Instinct palletts? Nail art stuff? Any requests?

That's it from me today.

Be awesome to each other. 


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  1. So pretty! JUST saw this polish in my Helmer tonight. I need to try it soon!