Orly Retro Red

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I finally got my mitts on the Orly Plastix Collection the other day thanks to a very lovely swapper on MUA. You've already seen Old School Orange under the OPI Silver Shatter I showed you the other day, but don't worry, I will still do a proper swatch.

Actually I need to redo this one, because I forgot to take photos before I glossed up the polish with a top coat.

I love the red. It's a classic tomato red and since we are talking retro, it makes me think of plastic booth seats in 50s style diners and restaurants, checkered tabletops and of course, tomato sauce!

I finished it off with a Konad tip stamp although I can not remember which one for the life of me. I suck massively at lining up tips, but I figure practice makes perfect right?

That's it from me today, don't forget to enter my new giveaway!

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  1. woooh...love this shade.. and it looks so beautiful on your nails...!!!

  2. Lovely color ^__^ Congrats on getting them!