Illamasqua Rampage

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I can't believe I haven't posted these pictures yet. This is one of my Christmas presents from Megs, Illamasqua Rampage. A very awesome green jelly polish that is unlike anything I own and is 7 shades of awesome.

Perfection in two coats. Please excuse the scratches, I had been wearing this for 5 days before I though to take a photo. So it obviously wears well.

That's it from me today.

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. Amazing! *___* And even though it got scratched after 5 days, it still shines like crazy!

    Wow .. Looks so good still after 5 days! x

  3. I love it!! And your nails are super gorgeous! :o)

  4. such a beautiful shade! the color is really intense!

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