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Ok, here's a look at some pics of upcoming collections that are floating around out there.

China Glaze Metro Fall is inspired by the city. The collection contains twelve nail polishes with different finishes:
Skyscraper - A glitter midtone blue polish.
CG in the City - Grey nail polish with glitter.
Urban-Night - Creme purple/fushia colored.
Traffic Jam - Dark pink, creme finish.
City Siren - A red siren creme color with a hint of cerise.
Lofty Ambitions - A red an purple shimmer polish.
Brownstone - Brown with shimmer.
Midtown Magic - Deep purple with a hint of red shimmer nail polish.
Street Chic - Taupe, brown and grey colored with a creme finish.
Concrete Catwalk - Creme finish in the color grey.
Westside Warriors - Olive green, creme finish.
Trendsetter - Yellow polish with a green shimmer.

Papaya Punch – orange creme
108 Degrees – glitter
Seniorita Bonita – glitter
Blue Iguana – glitter
Cha Cha Cha – shimmer
Electric Pineapple – creme

Futuristic and edgy, the China Glaze Tronica Specialty Collection is a holographic 3D selection of evolutionary and fun nail colors. These 12 colors are fashion forward, high-tech, bold, sleek and sure to change the face of the nail world! With names such as “Hyper Haute” and “Gamer Glam”, China Glaze combines the two worlds of innovative technology and high fashion color to create a collection that is sure to stimulate all the senses.
Techno Teal – turquoise holographic
Virtual Violet – violet holographic
Electra Magenta – magenta holographic
Gamer Glam – purple holographic
High Def – blue holographic
Hologram – silver holographic
Hyper Haute – raspberry holographic
3D Fantasy – peach pink holographic
Digital Dawn – dusty rose holographic
Cyberspace – taupe holographic
Mega Bite – gold holographic
Laser Lime – lime green holographic

There looks like there is some good stuff coming up, but nothing that I haven't seen before I am afraid. Is it because we have been so spoiled for choice in the last few years that it is going to take something astronomical to knock our socks off?

I am excited about Tronica, but I have heard that they lack the same holo punch as the OMG collection since this is a scattered holo instead of the linear holos we all love.


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  1. From the swatches I've seen of tronica, most of them look like a bust, unfortunately.
    China Glaze skimped on the holo. :(

    But the Metro collection looks nice.
    I agree with you that it's not...awesome. But nice. n_n

  2. Tronica is out now, but only at Sally's and it's affiliates. I posted the entire collection and the holo isn't linear and more scattered, but the pigment color is nice :);) I like it!

    Thanks for the sneek peak at the other 2, can't wait!

  3. CG in the City looks pretty.