The Show Must Go On

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In my massive box of polishes Jess sent over were all but one of the OPI Burlesque Collection, however I managed to track down the missing one on my end. I have never really gotten whole collections where there are more then a half dozen polishes before because to either buy them here, or in an online store and get them shipped is usually way too expensive, especially if you consider the one or two duds that a large collections invariably contains. The Burlesque Collection is a rarity in that I can't see a single dud in there.

I've decided to start off the swatching with the one I reached for straight away - The Show Must Go On.

It is a deep pinky-red, perhaps a dark coral more so then pink with a stunning gold duochrome to it. I was having a really hard time capturing that in these images. Scrangie managed to get some decent photos of the colour, but I think she was having issues capturing the gold as well. It is really noticeable in person, both in the bottle and on the nail.

A stunning, stunning colour. Like the rest of the non-glitter colours in this collection, this one has the glass fleck like effect that is produced by what I think is a large particle shimmer throughout the polish. It comes out all kinds of sparkly on your nails and the colour is simply to die for.

Before any of you ask - Is this a dupe for MAC Bad Fairy? I have swatched them side by side (but didn't take photos for some stupid reason) and they are similar in that they are both redish based polishes with strong gold duochrome to them but that's about it.
Bad Fairy uses a much darker red base from what I can tell and the gold shimmer is much more obvious in it. The MAC polish is like being punched in the face with duochrome and can often give the polish a orange tone at a quick glace whereas TSMGO has a much more subtle gold flash. It is most definitely there, but it is not so in your face and you can tell at all times that it is meant to be a primarily red based polish.

This a full mani with two coats of TSMGO, one coat of Seche and a cute butterfly decal in between. Please excuse the tip wear, I had been wearing this one for a couple of days before I took any photos. 

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That's it from me today,

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. Did you get the Sparki-licious one? That is by far my favourite. So glittery and pretty!

  2. Wonderful color, I absolutely love it! ^__^ And the butterfly is really cute

    Oh, I sent you a couple of mails (one with the photos I promised :) ), but I'll soon have to send you another one because I have more news, yay! :D

  3. Hi Alicia,

    I did indeed. I have the whole Burlesque collecttion. Sparkle-lisicous is by far my fave of the glitter polishes. I love looking at it in tthe bottle.


  4. Hi Karina,

    Thanks! Looking forward tot reading your emails when I get back to work on Monday.


  5. So pretty on your hands, love it!