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Of late, I have had heaps (and I mean heaps) of people contact me to find out more about BYS nail polishes. It seems they have developed a bit of a following. I decided today to put up swatches of just about every BYS colour that I own.
It's an amazing brand, but to my understanding, it is not available to you guys outside of Australia. If any of you out there want to organise a swap or a CP with me, I am happy to do so though MUA. My user name there is bec5146. Just drop me a line letting me know what you are after and I will see if I can track it down for you.
Ok, on with the swatches.
Illusion Shaker
This is very sheer, at four coats there is still VNL. I had such high hopes for this one based on bottle colour, but it was not to be. Will have to try it layered over white. Would look awesome over a similar green shade as well I think.
Caribbean Crush

Pouty Purple

I love this one! I added a second swatch shot with flash just because it's such an awesome colour.

Green Goddess


Sahara Sands (Chrome)

Thank God It's Friday (Chrome)

Yabba Dabba Blue (Chrome)

Feel The Fever (Chrome)

Black & Gold

Adventures of Alice

Through the Looking Glass

Down the Rabbit Hole

Ok, so that's all bar the matte polishes because I didn't have the time to let them completely dry before taking pics and the cracking polishes for the same reason.

Any favourites in the bunch?
If you want some BYS polishes to call your own, enter my giveaway here.

That's it from me today.

Be awesome to each other.


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  1. OMG...all the colors are soo soo pretty! Thanks for the swatches.


  2. Hi Charming Vanity,

    That they are. You are very welcome.


  3. *tries to beat back the lemmings*
    These are so pretty!! I like Green Goddess, Nocturnal, Caribbean Crush, Phantom, and of course the Alice in Wonderland ones the best.

  4. Hi Chaos,

    Well, if the lemmings manage to beat you into submission, you know where to find me if you want me to track some down for you.


  5. Thanks for sharing these swatches. The colors are all lovely. My faves are Pouty Purple & Phantom. :0)

  6. Hi Leslie,

    Very good choices. Pouty Purple is one of those colours that just glows with awesomeness.


  7. I have to say I thought Yabba Dabba Blue was going to be a better colour from the bottle which I saw not long ago and ever since it's been on my lemming list, but...I guess not really what I was after.

    Thanks for the swatches anyway! It's really hard to find BYS swatches, so most of said lemming list just comes from bottle colours and their dodgy website pics.

  8. Lovely colors ^__^ Maybe Illusion Shaker would look good over a dark green as well, or maybe a black one?

  9. Hi Joan,

    YDB is a good colour, but as you say, different from what you see in the bottle. It's unlike anything else that I have though.
    I did notice that there aren't many of them floating around, so I will try get as many of their polishes up for you guys as possible.


  10. Hi Fleur,

    Good choices, I am actually wearing black & gold right now. It is a truly awesome polish, I was having major issues photographing it.


  11. Hi Karina,

    Good thinking, I will have to give those combos a try.


  12. Phantom and TGIF are my favourites. I love purple, can you tell? ; )

  13. there sooo cool!!!

    especially the glitters

    XOXO Martine

  14. Wowwwww i looooove the navy blue one.. !!

  15. I wish I had access to this brand. All these are soooo amazing! I especially love "down the rabbit hole". Everytime I see pics of these polishes I cry a little lol.

  16. Great to see BYS swatches, I have a few of their polishes which I find to be OK, certainly not going to complain though for such a budget range ;) Will be keeping an eye out for future swatches on your blog because even though they are dirt cheap it is still nice to see the colour that they turn out before purchasing, because as another poster mentioned they are not always true to the shade in the bottle. Thanks for sharing :)