Ciate Paint Pots - Festival Fever Collection

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A little while back I received a bottle of polish from a friend who had been given this polish who had been given that polish by a friend. The label on the bottle said Ciate and the bottle had the cutest little bow ever. The polish itself - just wow. I have no idea why everyone kept passing on this bottle. Is it because they didn't know the brand? Well it was their loss.

I decided to enlist the help of my old friend Google to see what else I could find out about the brand, and wouldn't you know it, they have a website full of all kinds of awesome.
Today I want to share their newest collection with you. This is Festival Fever and those colours made me drool a little when I saw them. I want them all to be on my nails now!!!
Access All Areas - A killer vibrant coral colour. If Awesomesauce were an actual condiment, this is the colour it would be.

Ditch The Heels - Ah, a sentiment I know all too well. I suck at heels and want to walk around bare foot after a while. It's a super cute green. The press release tells me it's a mint green, but I think it's more spearmint then the mint colours we have been seeing of late. Either way, maybe I'd like heels more if I had a pair this colour?

Fun Fair - This one is aptly named I think. Automatically makes me think of Fairy Floss. Mmmmm, sweet, sweet sugar.

Headliner - Exactly what I would expect a rock star to wear. Amazing colour. I think could rock that.

Main Stage - A crazy bright fuchsia pink. how awesome would this colour look with Ditch the Heels or Headliner as a tip colour??? The possibilities are endless.

Talent Scout - A perfectly plummy purple. I'm not usually a purple fan, but I'd be interested to see how this one turns out in real life.

I love to look of this collection. I hope I can get a hold of them to see if the colour match up to the promo pics, if they do I will be a super happy little camper.

Ciate Paint Pots are a UK brand and can be found at online at

What are you thought on this collection? Is this a brand you have used or heard of? I love it. It's a great big win in my book.

That's it from me today, I'll be back with more fun and games tomorrow.

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Be awesome to each other.


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  1. Wow...I love how bright they are. I want them all.
    I nominated you for a blog award on my site, if you get a chance, check it out.

  2. Hi Alicia,

    Aw, thanks! I'll pop over in just a sec.

    The colours are gorgeous and perfect for Spring and Summer, which we are just going into here.


  3. These are gorgeous! I'd never heard of that brand before.

  4. Hi Twister,

    It's interesting, it seems like although these are common colours, I don't think I have anything the same in my collection.


  5. Hi Bottled Beauty!

    Thanks for visiting. I hadn't either, but the formula and the colours on these make it worth the effort of tracking these ones down I think.