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Do you know what I love? Disney Princesses. I always wanted to be Belle from Beauty and the Beast when I was a kid. Because of the yellow gown she wore. I loved it. I didn't care much for the story, I just liked the dress. Oh, and the talking teacups.

I have a theory that a girl tends to favour the Disney Princess who most closely resembles her. So, for me, that is Belle. Does that theory work for anyone else? It seems to work for my friends.

Anyway, a little while back, I came across a lovely lady called Vicky who makes nail tattoos and sells them on Ebay. She lives closeish to where I am and when I saw the designs, well, I was in love. I ordered -
Disney Princesses


My Little Pony


And also Rainbow Brite which I can't find a pic of.

As you can see, each comes with 10x 5 different designs and are reasonably priced too! They are only $6 for 50 decals!

You apply them like a regular tattoo, you put them in water and wait til the back slides off. It's pretty good that because they are wet, you can slide them around a little on the nail til you get the placement that you want. Then you dry off any excess water and apply a top coat.

I attempted to use these a little while back, but didn't read the instructions first. I put it over top of a dark polish. Fail! You can't do that because the decals are transparent a light coloured nail polish is necessary. Which totally makes sense and I have no idea why it didn't occur to me.

It looked like an alien My Little Pony. Lol. So the lesson here is - use light coloured polish people!

I used Color Club Coastal Creme, which looks like an off white in the bottle, and in these pics, but it is actually looks more like a very pale pastel pink on my nails. Is it just me, or does application suck massively on this polish? Anyone else having the same issue. It's just thick and hard to work with.

I stamped on my other nails with red Konad Special Polish and used a fauxnad plate, but I can't remember which one.

So what do you think? I think they are super cute and will use them all the time. I just saw on the site that they have the other faeries from the Tinkerbell movies. Hooray! I think I need those too. Oooh and Strawberry Shortcake. I used to have a doona cover with SS on it when I was a kid. It was super awesome.

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That's about it I think. Be awesome to each other.


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  1. Absolutely adorable! I just discovered custom water decals on eBay too and have been buying up a storm. I NEED those My Little Pony Ones!

  2. They are super cute! I think I am going to apply a MLP one tonight. I'm liking the look of the yellow guy!


  3. I always liked Jasmin the best, but I look nothing like her. How long do this last for? I've stickers before but they don't really last long for me.

  4. OMGISH too cute! I absolutely love Disney and after trying water decals from Viva La Nails I'm totally addicted. Thanks for posting the seller! Off to purchase some =p

  5. Hi Pammymela,

    I must have missed seeing your comment yesterday. Sorry about that. I've found they last until you remove the polish, because they are tattoos and not actual stickers, they don't actually stick to the nail without something to hold them in place like top coat. I am testing them again applying to completely dry nails this evening because I think the result will be better. Will keep you updated.
    They are definately worth a try.


  6. Good Morning 'Chelle,

    Aren't they adorable? Which ones did you get? I kind of want some superhero ones. Lol. Like old school Wolverine ones. That'd be awesome.


  7. Thanks for stopping by Jonna!