China Glaze Strawberry Fields

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Sorry about not posting for a few days, but I've been feeling pretty dodgy and just wasn't up for it. But I'm back now.

Todays NOTD are China Glaze Strawberry Fields. This polish didn't scream awesome to me when I first got the bottle. In fact, I was a little disappointed when I got the bottle. I ordered it because so many people were saying how it was such an awesome polish, but when it arrived, it didn't seem so special to me and so it put it in my Helmer and forgot about it.

Then I was trying to figure out what I had showed you guys and what I hadn't and came across it again and decided to give it a try. Once it was on my nails, it was still just a meh colour for me. But the next day I looked at my nails again, and again and again. It seems that this polish has grown on me. I love it and while it wasn't love at first sight, but I think it will be a lasting affair.

Strawberry Fields is part of the 2009 Summer Days Collection and is rose pink with a gold glass fleck through it. I'm pretty sure this is my first glass fleck polish. It's basically micro glitter and shimmer that is suspended in a jelly(ish) polish that makes for a glassy effect that is a wee bit reminiscent of very subtle foil effect (but only a little bit). Whatever it is, it is mesmerising stuff.

I wore this one for 2 days and then decided to jazz it up with some stamping, so this mani was a four dayer which is just about unheard of for me.

I used Konad plate M78 with Konad White Special Polish.
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That's it for today. Be awesome to each other.


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  1. I really like this pink! Pretty in the bottle and on the nail =)

  2. i love it! especially the konading.

  3. lovely!

  4. I love the hearts on this! There's something very lighthearted and fun about it. Very sweet, and very flattering on your hands!

  5. This is in my untrieds so I must give it a go now after seeing your lovely manicure. Love the konading!

  6. I love Strawberry Fields, I haven't been able to get it yet (trying to cut back on np) but it's definitely high up on my lemmings list. And the konad suits the colour so much, it's sweet and girly and light. :)

  7. Cute mani. I love the colour! x

  8. Freshie,
    Thank you! I think it's kind of cute.

    Enamel Girl,
    Thanks. I love Konad, although sometimes I have issues lining them up. These designs, the ones that are full nails without set edges are very forgiving.

    Thanks Tara.

    Hi Laynie,
    It was a change from the darked colours that I have been wearing lately.

    Absolutly, make sure you let me know when you try it. I'd love to see what you do with it.

    If you do get a chance to get it, do. It's lovely. And as for cutting back on NP, I never manage to hold back for long. Lol.

    Hi Jonna,
    Thanks, I like it too.

    Thanks everyone for stopping by. Your comments mean a lot. Every single one.